TINY surprise

Giving and receiving..which one do you prefer? Well, in real life, it's actually a two-way thing..If you don't give, you won't receive. If you are generous, people will be generous to you as well. It's something like a karma, some kind of a cycle of life I guess.

I don't really know when did I start to enjoy preparing gifts for people, be it a random surprise or someone's birthday. I usually don't go for expensive presents because to me, it's the heart that matters. The sincerity in oneself. That's the most important thing ever. A present won't mean anything at all if you don't put your heart into preparing it. Don't see it as a responsibility, I rather don't buy if that's the case. Forcing doesn't bring happiness ya know?!

Seeing people's reactions are one of the most wonderful things in this world, especially those "oh my god", "my gosh" and all those screaming and shouting....seriously, they are plain awesome. It's that kind of feeling as if you've given people happiness and they are giving you back the same happiness as well.


Today is my friend's (or so called junior) birthday. 4th of January. Frankly speaking, we have never been super duper close friends because she's younger than me by a year. The only chances for us to meet up were during our Girl Guides meetings, but since I had just graduated from high school and I will be off for Melbourne next month, there won't be many chances left for us to meet up. At least not as easy as last time when she ambushed my class and made fun of my name in front of my class and drove me insane! Kinda hated her during those times because she really got me on my nerves..LMAO! x)

I am a weird person in my own way. I don't really like people who ask for birthday presents from me. Because I seriously don't have that kind of obligation to give you presents if I don't feel like it, right?! This FRAND of mine, wrote on my memory diary in brackets beside her date of birth "Rmb my present!!"... If it's for the other people, I wouldn't give a damn about it.

Fate had it otherwise though, once I saw that line that she wrote, I straight away decided I wanted to get this crazy girl a gift. And there's only one idea that popped into my mind: A guitar pick necklace. Random much I know~

Reason 1:
During last year's Girl Guides Orientation, when this friend of mine arrived at my Kim Test station (I was the stationer there), she told me that she liked the red guitar pick necklace which I was wearing. At that time, I just assumed that she came up with that statement just to make me happy so I wouldn't be "mean" to her in the game x)

Reason 2:
This frand wrote that her favourite colours are red, black and white in my memory diary. The funny thing is that she really did made an effort to emphasize that her most favourite colour is red (I suppose) cause she purposely used a red pen to write the 'Red' word and the 'black' and 'white' words in black ink. So cute....hehe...that's why I noticed :p

To avoid my mom's attention, I got away from her in Gurney Plaza with the excuse of going to Popular to look for something and then I sneaked into the music store beside Popular. I seriously ransacked the entire guitar pick shelf with my cousin looking for a nice looking red pick. I found NONE! Extremely frustrating...I spent approximately 10minutes digging for a pick. Never in my life I spent so much time looking for a guitar pick xP Eventually I bugged the shop assistant and FORCED him to bring out every single guitar pick that he could find in the shop. Awesome not?! In the end, he, with a very innocent and pity looking face went to search in his cabinets and brought out 3 boxes of guitar picks. YAY! FINALLY found a red one. Nice looking, according to my personal taste~!

The next thing was to drill a hole to make it into a pendant. I had an appointment for my medical checkup at Adventist Hospital's Wellness Centre. I know this may seem a bit idiotic because I brought along the guitar pick and my Girl Guide's cutlery. I hate waiting with absolutely nothing to do at all. So instead of sitting there looking dumb, I used my already-expired Jusco member card as a coaster for the guitar pick so I wouldn't end up "drilling" my skin. Muakaka! Another awesome idea huh?!

I went out with my friends until 10pm so the guitar pick was kept in my purse for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for my dunno-if-i-shall-call-it-accurate-or-not sixth sense, I texted my friend and asked her if she's going to Gurney after school because I didn't know how long I shall be keeping that thingy before I get to meet her :/ And that would be extremely belated birthday gift. Surprisingly, she said she would be going the next day! Kewl! I then made up a white lie asking her to meet up with me in Gurney Plaza as there's something that I needed her to pass to the other friend of mine.

After changing into my pajamas, I quietly crept into my store room and sneaked a stack of letter pads and a cartoon envelope into my room. I 2 pieces of crap but I tore it off because the ink had smeared all over the paper. I decided to recopy everything but I heard my mom coming out from her room. It was 12am already and there's no way I could get away from my mom because to her, it's WAY past my bedtime :S I switched off the lights and hid everything under my pillow. With the aid of my handphone torchlight, I managed to recopy those crap that I wrote and extended the length to 4 pages. Finally settled everything in the dark, under my blanket but I didn't get to walk out from my room to wash my hands as I didn't want to be caught washing off pen smears and liquid paper on my hands. And what explanation should I invent? So...I slept with those stuffs xD

I arrived late at Gurney the next day. Mom gave me a "great" surprise. She made me turn all the way back home from Tesco cause she left her purse at home. There's no way she could drive back home after dropping me. She had no license, money and IC! Originally I promised my friend to meet her at 11am, now I had to change 12pm. Haiz~~

I went straight for the directory because I didn't know where Paddington Pancake House was. Thank goodness there were the other Girl Guides peeps with my friend, consider as my ex-juniors, or else it would be really awkward for me to walk in just like that :p

Right, they were celebrating with her. So my friend was like, "Did you ask KimKhyi what class she's in?" I dug out her gift from my bag and gave it to her. "Actually, it's not for KimKhyi, it's for you!"

"You...another one...!"

I guess I got her by surprise there...Haha! But I couldn't believe that she fell for my trick. She didn't suspect me at all. It's cute and creative for Yan Jing to get my friend a small pink hair pin with LV patterns on it. How I wish I would have a chance to see my friend with that thing on her head, it'll be a damn superb scene for sure! Then I urged her to open up my envelope, but heck, she let the necklace slipped onto the floor and everyone was like "HORRRRR!" I loved the ambience there. Those girls made me miss my guiding days a lot despite the fact that I wasn't an active member :p

The funnier thing was that my friend asked me, "Do you want a hug?" Come on, she's sitting in between her friends, how insincere she was! So she climbed up and gave me a hug. The others and I were laughing our heads off. Then she asked me if I wanted a kiss. I thought she was just kidding but she really kissed me on my cheek. Kinda surprised me though, but I don't have any problem with that. Awwww....sweet girl! :*

I would love to hangout with this gang but Wan Fen and Wenn Yee were waiting for me outside the restaurant, I couldn't leave them right there standing under the shade just to wait for me and it would be rude for me to dump them to stay with my Girl Guides friends. Tata...it's time to say goodbye and I leapt out of the restaurant.

Hehe....although it was just a very short hangout time, as I recalled all those memories that I used to have with my friend, I really miss HER and miss Girl Guides A LOT. The days when we screamed, laughed, scolded, teased each other; the endless text messages; she always ran out of phone credit during our texting season; she being crazy about Christina Grimmie with me; she asked me to remember her cute face whenever I see guitars in the following days and lots lots more....The best memory with her is the one of the most funniest moments in my life ever: There was once she thought I confessed to her and wanted to be in a relationship with her. Apparently, I was playing a huge prank on her. Too bad she didn't know me well back then or else she wouldn't have fallen for that joke. And, she was really really really worried about that topic because she didn't know what to do and I kept on replying her Facebook messages in a very complicated way making her more and more confused. In the end when she found out the truth from me, she demanded me to give her a dark chocolate as a token of apology, yet, she forgot to meet me outside my class and I dumped that choco into the trash!!!

Major memories and minor memories....no matter what, I really do cherish them and I will always do forever.

The final thing that I want to say before ending this post:-

Thank you so much for being an incredibly amazing friend. Love you forever babe, and PLEASE always keep in touch! I don't mind you spamming my Facebook or my Skype, whatever you do, just don't lose contact. Saranghae <3 <3

The most important of all!!!


I'm dedicating this entire post to you my dearest Delyn Choong! Siao gina! HAPPY SWEET 17!!!! xoxo <3 Muaks


  1. walauuuu ... omg... how long did you spend writing that?! haha crap.. now i can't think of a long enough reply for you D=... anyway.. thanks alot ya.. will miss those times with you too xD.. NOW i remember when i said that thing about the guitar pick necklace! haha .. LOVE IT ALOOTTTT ;) loving your blog theme btw .. and also.. you are so damn great and pranking and lying =/.. I'll get you back next time.. muahhahahhahaha.. just you wait =p
    And thanks for doing all those stuff and remembering all the random crap i said.. =]
    I'll also ALWAYS rmb the time when you scared me to hell with your scary and kinda yucky confessions.. u should confess to ppl more often xp
    haha hmmm what more have i left out? errr i still have no idea how to pronounce your name actually.. and feeling weird without you this siao senior.. will sure miss you lots this year.. Good luck and all the best in melbourne! hope i'll haunt your dreams forever wakakakakka >=D .. christina grimmie always!! oh yeahhhh..
    Finally.. thx alot love ya! muakss

  2. erm...2 nights i suppose if i am not mistaken x)
    welcome my dear, sweet 17 only comes once in a life time, so you dont really need to thank me because it's not a big blast i prepared!
    really??! i'll see when you're going to get your revenge!
    are you serious?! alright, i'll take your advice. I WILL CONFESS.....BUT ONLY to JUNG YONG HWA and JANG KEUN SUK!! hehehehehe NOT TO YOU! don't worry!
    thank you. if you dare to forget me, i'll skin you alive, is that clear?!