Last school day in Trinity

13th of November 2012 was my very last normal school day in Trinity College Foundation Studies.

Alright, I have to admit, guiltily, this is another super postponed blog post because I actually did blog about "Tomorrow is the last day" on 12th of November ><

As said, Accounting lecture was the 1st class of the day, at 11am. Got there early as usual. Kiasu much :p Because I always wanted to sit right in the middle of the class, directly in front of my lecturer :p

Next period was suppose to be Maths 1 lecture but I was darn reluctant to go because it had always been dreadfully BORING! So I skipped it and went to invade other people's Accounting tutorial. Last chance for me to attend Accounting class :'(

So I went, luckily Sue Pei was in that class.

There's this typical China guy that I hated a lot~ Ermm...don't get me wrong, I didn't hate him, like literally BUT it's just that he's so freaking addicted to some Chinese medicine oil that has a VERY pungent smell that's enough to kill you. Worse still, I'm allergic to that smell! Every time I smelled that thing in class, I would end up having a bad headache for the rest of the day. That's why I "hated" him >< Back to the story, this China guy, he called himself "Super M". So much of self-obsession ==''

He told Mary (my Accounting lecturer/tutor/subject leader/MY mentor), "Mary, I am going to give you flowers" and Mary was overjoyed! Suddenly he took out a piece of A4 paper which wrote "FLOWERS" and handed it to Mary. The whole class laughed like insane and Mary's face was like this:

She was half-screaming "I THOUGHT you are going to give me flowers, and you are giving me this (showing the whole class that paper). I like REAL flowers, NOT THIS!" Then suddenly Super M took out a bouquet of flowers from the bottom of his chair! What a surprise!

Mary was touched to the max! She asked Super M to come out for a hug!

Here comes the awkward moment! Mary told Super M "this (as above) is not a hug". Guess what Super M said?! He said in a half hinting way that he felt embarrassed to go any closer or hug tighter because (he then put his hands in front of his chest....IF you get what I mean)! Then the whole class laughed thunderously again! ROFL!

Mary posing with her flowers!

My selca with Mary! Mad love her to the max! She's the BEST teacher I have ever met in my life. 18 years. No teacher can beat her! She's the reason why I love Accounting that much. Sometimes I would ask myself "Will I still like Accounting THAT much if she's not my teacher?" because Erica always tells me that she's envious because her own lecturer is boring and that's the reason why she hates Accounting @@. Mary is that kind of teacher who can make you reluctant to skip classes. All of her classes were absolutely enjoyable. Always made us laugh like crazy in her class. I loved the way she did things in an express way <3  

My selca from the previous day, 2nd last day of school taken at my OWN tutorial class :)

Cried when the class ended :p Never before in my life I ever cried upon graduating.

Primary school >> "YES! I graduated!"
High school >> "YES! Finally I have my hair and nails back! (stupid school rules)"
College >> "I don't wanna graduate :'(((( "

How ironic!

In fact I cried twice, once at my own Accounting tutorial, another at this tutorial that I invaded! Embarrassed max! ><'''

The last class was EAP (English for Academic Purpose). My teacher, Chris was giving out "Golden Chris Rewards".

SURPRISINGLY I got this! TEACHER's PET for EAP class 3B 2012! Mark my word, SURPRISINGLY, in block letters. So funny because the winner was selected through voting by the whole class, and I actually voted for the other girl. This was the first award that Chris was presenting.

He asked "Who's going to be the teacher's pet for our class?"
And he asked me "Fion, who do you think will get the teacher's pet's award?"

Honestly I thought he asked me because I looked like I wasn't paying much attention, and I told him the other girl's name.

And he told me, "It's you!" My reaction was, "LOL! Very funny! It's not Aprilfool!" WTH! LMAO!

Smiling like a retard! Awkward much because I COULDn't believe it's true, yay or nay to be selected as teacher's pet?! @@

Trouble maker award > Prasad

Most hardworking student > Wenya

Going-to-be-famous award > Lewis

Funniest student award > Jason
[I suppose his face explains everything :p]

We had class party after the prize giving session :D Chris got us puddings!

Adam bought a birthday cake for Chris! His birthday was just 2 days away!

Some random shots! :3

Super funny thing happened! Seems like Lewis had plotted a revenge on Chris for giving us all the essays and assignments!

My favourite shot! <3

I love calling Chris "ROCKER"! He used to be a music journalist and he even showed me a magazine that he wrote last time! Guess what! He's the one who taught me the way to stalk my guitar goddess Orianthi, [click here for the full story]. If it wasn't for him, I doubt my dream would even come true! That's why I say "Chris is the COOLEST teacher ever!" There was once he even emailed me some Michael Jackson event thing because he knows I'm a huge MJ fan! Plus, he plays guitars and used to play in a band when he was young. Occasionally, when I finished my work earlier in class, he would come over and talk about guitars, concerts and music with me ^^ That's why I always say "Chris is the COOLEST teacher ever!" Perhaps, this is the reason why, through others' eyes, I'm the teacher's pet :p

Jason took this candid photo for me with my iPad, despite my stupid expression, I actually love this photo lots! :p

Prasad :)

Laeticia :)

Jason :)

Wenya :) I had lots of classes with this girl, and she accompanied me to the library lots of times <3 One of my best friends in Aus.

Adam :)

Chris DA ROCKER! :)

Yuhan :) The hottest chic in our class!

Michelle :) Another good friend of mine! I loved stealing gummy bears and chewing gum from her handbag because she sat right beside me LOL!

Kevin :)

Lewis :) A very very funny guy! Usually ended up working with him on essays regardless how randomly Chris paired his students up. He's very clever, so it's my fortune hehehe!

Had our final drama rehearsals after EAP class, and we went out for dinner together ^^

Amanda and I :3 Prettiest girl in our drama class!

In the tram..On the way to city..

Kenneth and Sugi

These 2 guys got bullied the most by me and Amanda!

Nia and Kai Jie

Amanda and Nia

Kenneth and Amanda

Young and Sugi

Young and I

Another Kenneth and Amanda

Another Young and I

Kenneth looks like he's asking Amanda out for a date, BUT truth was, he's trying to ask for Amanda's iPhone's password so he could delete his ugly candid photo that Amanda took! ><

Selca with Nia

Selca with Kenneth

This guy's pure hilarious! That's why I couldn't stop laughing during the rehearsals all the time x)

ps: look at the bottom right photo! This guy also has an insane tongue :p

Selca with Sugi

Looks like some kind of gambling scene ==''

Kenneth trying to annoy Nia!

This is the official end of my Trinity school days, 4 more days to the final exams! Practically worked my ass off for the finals. Thanks for the people who made my last day a memorable one. Will never forget the days I spent in Trinity ^^

ps: Some picnic photos were stolen from Michelle and Adam's Facebook because I was too busy playing around ><


  1. ur smile is cute la, not like retarded XD
    i like dat photo, hahaha~

    1. hahaha the very dumb smile loh >< thanks though hahah :p