Why I Have No Updates :p

Sorry guys, I haven't been updating my blog frequently ever since I changed its name. I'm incredibly sorry :( *guilt overload*

As I am preparing for my next picture loaded post, I decided to write some crap about what the hell am I up to lately which keeps me away from blogging ><

I have been pretty obsess with OLD Taiwan dramas. Yeah you got that right, OLD ones. As in those from 5 or 6 years ago. Pretty nonsensical right? Somehow I feel that when I am watching those dramas, I am sorta chasing back my childhood. 

I didn't get to watch a lot of dramas when I was in high school. Mom only allowed me to watch 2 or 3 each year and at that time most of my friends were busy watching nearly every hit dramas. I was the only one who didn't.

The other day I suddenly wanted to watch 天龙八部 by 林志颖. I heard my friend talking about how charming he is in that drama a couple of years ago and I SUDDENLY wanted to watch it. So I went to PPTV and downloaded it on my iPad.

Ahh he is just too cute!!! <3 

Another one!

And I even went out to by the books of that drama. OMG! It has 5 books in a complete set and that's why I spend a lot of time reading it. I'm finally at the last book already! YAY!

My mom said I ought to read the novels as she thinks that people in the modern days don't really keep their promises, and don't know the real definition of 义气.

This is exactly what she said >> "现在的人不知道什么叫义气,因为他们没有读武侠小说.


I was starring at my S.H.E's posters in my room the other day and I suddenly thought of watching back their drama 真命天女 (Reaching For The Stars), which I watched when I was 10! Speaking about hardcore <3 *proud* Honestly speaking, throughout these years, I have liked quite a number of celebrities but they are the ones who I admire for the longest time! I am 19 this year, and I started liking them since I was 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From there, I "revived" my crush for 郭彦均 (Anthony). The main actor from that drama. He's the very first guy celeb whom I liked. I know I'm 花痴 alright, for knowing how to eye on cute guys since 10 years old xD

He's from a boy band called 2MORO, together with his twin brother 郭彦甫.

This photo is from 2MORO's MV of "牵着你". Who's cuter? :3 Can you tell them apart?


After I watched 真命天女, I watched 花样少男少女, purely just because of Ella.

When the drama first came out I refused to watch it because of 吴尊, with no epic reason. (If you read my blog post about Jang Keun Suk oppa, then you would've known how judgmental I was last time! Total moron I have to admit!)

OUT OF MY EXPECTATIONS, upon watching that drama, I got starstrucked by 吴尊 and 唐禹哲. I never ever dreamt that I would fall for 吴尊 at all, just like JKS oppa's case ><. He's actually quite cute! :3 My BFF, Chin Yee was like "OMG! I can't accept the fact that you start like to like him!"

And 唐禹哲 too. As I recall, before the K-Pop fever or Hallyu wave started spreading across the globe, actually 唐禹哲 already looks like a K-Pop celeb. If you don't know him, you probably would think that he's from Korea. Or Japan, because he always looks like someone who jumped out from a Japanese comic. Erica calls him "Manga Boy"! (IMO, from some angles, he looks like Li Hong Ki :p)


Since my crush for 吴尊 is still hot from the oven, I decided to watch some of his dramas. Only a few options to choose from, eventually I chose 篮球火.

Because there's 罗志祥 in there too. I adore 罗志祥 ever since I read about his personal writings on the newspaper a few years ago. 

吴尊 and 罗志祥 together :3


I watched 翻滚吧 蛋炒饭 because of 唐禹哲. Unfortunately, he's playing second fiddle and his part of the story is quite sad :/

But, he's cute in there, as a HOT chef!


I wanted to watch 罗志祥's drama, and I chose 海派甜心. To some people, they think it's a pretty "idiotic" and dramatic romance comedy, but I really really like it. Through that show, I actually came to realize quite a few important lessons. I guess it just depends on how you interpret the show, by your eyes or your hearts. 

Although at the beginning and the ending of the drama, 罗志祥 has the hilarious "mushroom" head, in the middle part of the drama, he's actually very handsome! *crush crush crush crush*

Moreover, I LOVE 杨丞琳's style in that drama. HOT CHIC! Now I'm tempted to get some blue highlights after seeing her red ones!

OKAY! So finally this is the end of the post. Actually this post ain't as short as I thought it would be >< Took me 1.5 hours to crap all these random things :p As in, who cares what the hell am I watching xP


I need YOUR help! 

I saw 杨丞琳's earring from that drama which looks like this (pic below)

It's like a belly ring, but can be worn as earring. Can someone PLEASE tell me where to find this kind of earring? Really despo for it! >< Thanks!

I suppose this post explains why I have no updates at all within this period of time. TOO OCCUPIED already haha...

I'm now thinking what should be the next thing for me to watch because I don't wanna waste my free time while I'm in Malaysia. (ps: I don't chase after drama series in Melbourne, that's why I'm such a "kiasu" now!)

Probably will watch either

1) We Got Married > Goguma Couple -----> Because there's Yong Hwa oppa!


2) 斗牛要不要 ----> Because there's Hebe!

Still haven't made up my mind YET :p That's why I am blogging, or else I would've been watching something at this moment x)

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