Hair of 2013

I can't believe this actually happened! I bid farewell with my Jang Keun Suk oppa look alike hair....upon welcoming the new hairstyle, I felt emo! WTF! After paying RM180, I started to regret, but there's no shit I can do at all </3

Since I'm no doubt a big JKS fan, having this kind of hairstyle is a very honourable thing! Plus, this is my natural hair, I did and put nothing to create this kind of effect. And I just love people saying that "OMG, you 2 look alike!", even crazier scenario is people mistakenly think that JKS and I are actually 1 person, which is, the same person. 

Although that's like OMFG-that's-so-impossible, I always felt flattered inside :3

The hair later grew to a LONG length like this. The JKS curl isn't THAT similar already but still there's a bit of that element. I still love the curls! Come on, that's natural ok?! Nobody has the same style as me.

I typically LOVE my hair when it was around August 2012. Because it looks best at that time, IMO. The length was moderate and the it would curl in by the sides of my cheeks :3

However, the only bad thing about this natural hair style I had to tie it up 24/7. My hair was just as puffy as a lion's mane when I didn't tie it up in a ponytail. Therefore, technically, throughout the whole 2012, I had ponytail EVERY SINGLE DAY. Honestly speaking, it wasn't that bad, after some time, those curls and my pony tail became my trademark.

Perhaps now you may be thinking, since I love my JKS hair style so much, why not just do exactly like his! 

Cruel truth is because of the nature of my hair. *damn it* I have natural coarse and curly hair. Curly itself is actually not a bad thing, but the coarse makes it nearly impossible for me to do curly hairstly (according to the stylistS) because my hair would go out of control eventually and become hard to handle.

JKS oppa is the reason why I finally started to love my natural hair from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE MY NATURAL CURLS NOW~

Last time when I was in high school, my natural curly hair was my biggest disaster, it ruined my whole high school life because I looked disgustingly hideous!


My last photo with my out of shape JKS curl. As you can see from here, the pony tail has gone out of shape already and this was the reason that I used to convince myself to undergo rebounding.

This is the outcome. Damn flat and unnatural and boring. Can't get used to it, no curls and no more pony tail, and no more hair covering half of my face. Now my face has to be always exposed like a piece of big fat pancake! WTF!

Since the hair is already plain and black and dull and of course straight and NORMAL (unlike my trademark JKS lookalike hair), I couldn't really bear with it. Therefore, I wanted to do something to it.

2 options: bangs OR dye.

Finally, I got my inspiration from.....

And then...TADAH~

This is how I decided to make my hair LESS still looks boring without the blue hair, which means the blue hair is a necessity from now onwards!

Can you believe it, after only a few hours, I have started to miss my old hair style...Not really sure whether this new hair is YAY or NAY >< Mind to tell me?! @@ 

Kinda emo right now because I really miss my curls, and also this hair makes me look FAT >< OMG!

I should learn how to accept the fact that this hair will follow me throughout the rest of the year. Wonder how those celebrities can stand changing so many hairstyles and what will they do when they don't like a typical hairstyle >< HMM~~~~ Need to think about that~SERIOUSLY~

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