Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant @ Mont Kiara

Another super delayed post :/ Sorry guys, I was running through my photos to see whether there's something that I can blog about then I realise I actually still have lots of delayed posts...

Last December (yeah...damn delayed right...sorry) when I first went back to Malaysia, my mom and her friends brought me there to sort of celebrate me going back home :p And since they know my obsession for Korea and anything Korean related things, they opted for Korean cuisine.

I had no idea where we were going >< Mom rushed me out of the shower and I didn't have the time to comb my hair....Messy hair in the car, yet not forgetting to selca :p *facepalm*

Upon arriving, I saw the name UNCLE JANG. Just then, I remembered seeing this restaurant on Chanwon's blog (here). 

One really funny thing about this restaurant was that they don't take reservations, so my advice to you is to arrive before 7pm or else you will need to wait in a long line and..starve!! :p

Crowded and FULL by the time we got in...Pity those people who had to wait outside :/

The adults ordered SOJU...I'm not really a drinker, so I only took a little bit ;)

And selca...again ><


A bunch of Vege! 

Apparently, their recipe was to have everything jumbled up! This is the wonder of Korean cuisine :3 

And someone would be cooking for you on the spot. 

Another advice to you is not to shower before going, because since this frying thing will be directly in front of you and the ventilation of the restaurant wasn't really good, you will DEFINITELY end up smelling like your food, literally, from head to toe, including your shirt! Trust me x)

This was the outcome! Mad love the taste!

As they said, "this restaurant doesn't wash their pans at all", after the vege, it's time for the noodles and the chicken meat! 

Dak Galbi FTW! One of my favourite dishes among all Korean food!

Ginseng chicken soup :)

Happy me because of KOREAN FOOD! 대박!!!!!!

Korean ajosshi running the restaurant, like a boss.

Random poster of the SOJU that I took before leaving the place. I swear, Korean girls are the prettiest! ENVY MAX! How I wish I can be like them!

After that, we went to BENS at Publika for dessert.....I know right, guilty indulgence :p

This post shall make you hungry!! That's all for today ^^ 

OMG, now I'm craving for Korean food out of a sudden! RAWR! ><


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    1. 我自己寫著寫著也要流口水了!!!

  2. I finally know what seleca means! (thansk to google haha) You look adorable in yours! All that food is making me really hungry right now especially since I missed lunch!! haha. I think I am going to make me some ramen!

    I Follow you now via GFC by the way!
    If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

  3. Yummmm all that food looks delicious! You look cute too!
    Have a great weekend! xo