Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Coordinates

My apologies for not appearing more often...

Recently the university life is literally driving me nuts. It's like the time and packed schedule chasing me behind my ass! OMG! 

Yesterday had a horrible nightmare of monsters chasing me...I'm wondering is it a reflection of my real life ><

Anyway, I feel a bit guilty for not updating for so long, thus I decided to blog something simple. 

This is a post of my #OOTD taken in April. 

I don't snap photos every single day, so these are the limited ones. I TRY to dress up more properly to school so I can take more out of the day photos :/ But no guarantees cause I usually procrastinate till the last minute and rush to choose my outfits and eventually the fastest way is to grab a simple tee and jeans and throw a jacket over it :p 
Top from Bangkok
Shorts from Valleygirl (bought at Docklands outlet)
iPhone case from a K-Pop Shop @ Bourke Street, only 2 dollars with Jang Keun Suk oppa's name!
Top from Esprit
iPhone case from eBay, somehow coincidentally similar to Christina Grimmie's!
Top from Taobao
Galaxy Leggings from Bangkok

Top from Bangkok

Top from Bangkok
 Leggings from Baleno
 Bag from Rubi (thank god I bought it because it's just $5 and was sold out after 1 week)

Top from Bangkok

This is actually the outfit that I wore for my K-Pop dance performance the other day :3

Baseball Jacket from Sungei Wang
Galaxy crop tee from Bangkok Platinum Mall
Shorts from Valleygirl (Docklands outlet)
Leggings from Baleno
Top from Bangkok
Shorts from Valleygirl (Docklands)
Leggings from Baleno

That's all for today, getting back to finalise my Quantitative Methods assignment as it is due tomorrow afternoon and I'm having my second Japanese dictation tomorrow noon as well. So doomed right now! :p

Wish me luck ^^

Lastly, share with you guys the dance that I just learnt halfway today.

4-Minute's new comeback song from their 4th mini album >> What's Your Name


  1. 你的头发越来越好看啦:D