100th Blog Post

I really can't believe it. I have now reached my 100th blog post.

It's been a year and 7 months and 3 days, to be specific since I started this blog. That time the name of this blog was Intuition-MagicDrag. Funny name right? These were my first 2 favourite K-pop songs at that time (Don't get me wrong I still love K-Pop, just that I have more favourites now!).

This year I decided to change the name of my blog because so many people had been telling me that it's hard to remember my blog's name. So, after thinking for a long time, I changed its name to FIONISM. The current one. I don't think I will change it anymore because I like it this way, very ME! :3

Back to "once upon a time" again~

I started off this blog because I wanted to have a personal place to write down things about my life. People who like me for who I am. People who like my nonsensical jokes, people who like my pathetic metaphors, people who like to know about my lifeless life and etc. Well honestly speaking, I never thought that I would even have 1 reader in the first place. I didn't have much hope either. Because my previous old blog was a food blog, named MY TASTE HEAVEN, so most of the readers came from Google while searching for restaurants or recipes. And having a personal blog is a totally different thing. Who the hell would want to look me up on Google? I doubt you can have ME in the results anyway! :p I'm a nobody, a tiny speck of dust in this virtual Internet world, and I am no where near to be a qualified blogger, nor to be regarded as one.

Anyway, as stubborn as I am, I started this blog. Having only my best friends reading. And some point in the middle of 2012, if I am not mistaken, I suddenly spotted someone who has nearly the same name as me. FIONE.

Fione is a pretty blogger who was also from the same high school as me! I was really surprised because I have never known someone who has such similar name as me! FYI, the name Fiona, to me is NOT similar by any means!

I commented on Fione's blog and then *I forgot how we really got to talk..virtually* we exchanged Facebook. And the best thing happened. Fione added me into a blogger's group page on Facebook.

I can NEVER forget this. If it wasn't for Fione, I think my blog will only be read by my 2 BFFs. If it wasn't for Fione, I wouldn't have got to know so many amazing and pretty bloggers.

Fione, if you are reading this, I wanna use this opportunity to let you know that I am REALLY REALLY REALLY thankful for you letting me into the group even though I am not a good blogger by any means. You let me have the opportunity to know you all. You let me have the opportunity to meet so many amazing net friends. I TRULY APPRECIATE AND LOVE YOU GUYS, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU from the very bottom of my heart ♥♥ ♥ Words can't express how much you all mean to me. I shall give you all a BIG hug when I see you guys during year end :')

100th blog post...I can't believe such lazy ass like me can reach 100th post in less than 2 years' time.

Throughout this period, with the help of this blog. Fionism.blogspot.com. I know SOOOO many amazing people. Some of them even became very close friends with me.

Daphne Froggy 
 also known as my #Addiction. 

I guess she is no stranger to my readers anymore. I got to know Daphne because of the group that Fione added me in. I discussed with her SOOOO many times but we still can't reach a concrete solution how we really start to become close friends. From net friends to good friends, and now my Godsister, and I really can't wait to be see her in December and me her bridesmaid!!! ♥  Read the OUR story here! That is like the summary of our stories, although I have one more coming up soon, it's still in the draft. 

Wen Xi  she's like another sweet sister to me. 

The very first impression she gave me when I discovered her blog in the Facebook group was WOAH! BLOCK LETTERS! She's a professional violinist!!!!!! 

I have been reading her blog for quite some time but I didn't leave any comments or anything. Then like SUDDENLY we became friends (if not mistaken, I think this shameless me added her on Facebook out of total randomness. Perhaps unconsciously I thought having a violinist as a friend would be very WOAH! I am hoping someday she will get famous then I can get autograph from her and also brag to others that we are friends.....HAHAHAH! Don't take me too seriously! I'm talking crap here! I really CAN'T REMEMBER HOW WE BECOME FRIENDS ALREADY....That's why have to think of some uh-ma-zing excuses).

This year, we chatted a LOT, this is how we really got to know each other. Like I said, she's really like a big sister to me! I can talk crap with her just like how I talk crap with my #Addiction! 

I'm waiting for her to finish her exam TODAY, then we gonna Skype! YAY! Like finally! And also, a blog collaboration! Make sure you guys stay tuned kay? :3

 ♥ Hardcore #Addiction fan. 

That's my first impression of her! HAHA! Because she's always the first one to "like" or comment on #Addiction's blog post way before I do, also in the group page. And we became friends! Random much! HAHA! She's also like a big sister to me :3 She's an Accounting student and I was (still am) really touched when she told me that I can actually ask her questions about Accounting if I can't cope. 

ps: She and Wen Xi are really cute!! Both of them are like my consultants when I tell them about the secret of my crush! To some extent, I feel that they are looking at me like a very innocent and inexperience little girl, as dramatic as TV dramas :p LOL! But, I don't care! I LOVE them for that HAHA! 

 ♥ A very glamorous blogger.

Nicole is one of the earliest people I got to know in the bloggers' group. To me, she is always so elegant and glamorous and I didn't really dare to talk to her because she seemed to be like SOOOOOOO HIGH UP THERE. And I am just a nobody. It's just like some newbies in Hollywood don't dare to talk to Angelina Jolie, some feeling like that :p BUT, I was wrong. She's super duper nice alright! She's so friendly in real! 

Thanks to her for introducing Miyome and hemp rope bracelets on her blog. I love these 2 things that she recommended! Especially Miyome! I didn't dare to try out Miyome even though I saw people blogged about how amazing it is BUT after reading Nicole's review, I decided to give it a try. I really trust her for her recommendations! Can't wait to see her and pick up my new Miyome in Melbourne this week! Finally I'm going to see her in person :')

 ♥ Popular Penang high school sweetheart.

Although she graduated already, to me, she's always the glamorous and gorgeous high school sweetheart. The story about how I know Jxhia is actually something funny and interesting. She's actually my Godsister (younger godsister, NOT #Addiction) best friend. However, that time I didn't really know her. Until I got into the bloggers' group and I discovered that she is blogging as well. Then we started to chat a bit! ;) Sometimes I really find it amusing how life can be. I knew her like YEARS ago but never talked but then now we talk about blogging and are friends :3 She even taught me how to make galaxy sneakers. I'm actually doing it, halfway drying it under my bed LOL! Planned to go out with her last year when I was back in Penang but we couldn't find a suitable time. THIS YEAR WE SHALL ;) 

♥ My Xiao P 小姐.

I don't know why I called her like that anyway HAHA! It just happened >< She blogs in Chinese and always introduces nice Chinese novels on her blog. I think if not mistaken, I found her blog through YangBaoBei's blog and then we became friends after a few comments on each others' blog. Last year when I got back to Malaysia, I actually mailed out a souvenir for her. Since she's pretty much a hardcore book lover, I got her a bookmark that I bought in Aus, BUT the stupid Malaysia post office lost my mail T__T Until now she still hasn't received it. I'm planning to visit her this year end ^^ This time I will pass to her with my own hands :3 One very special thing about our virtual friendship is that we chat in 2 languages! xD I will type in English and she will type in Chinese! HAHA! That's how we roll in the LINE app ;) 


Perhaps you, who's reading this, might be wondering why I have to painstakingly write such wordy blog post introducing these girls. I am NOT bootlicking them by any means because to me, they are friends. I see them as real friends even though I met them online. People always say that don't trust netfriends because you don't know them in real life. Nevertheless, I am grateful to say that it was because of this blog, I know them. It was because of this blog I found new friends. 

That's why I am EXTREMELY thankful for this blog. If it wasn't for this blog, I wouldn't have known them. And of course there are more people that I know BECAUSE OF THIS BLOG!

I really can't believe it. Because of total boredom and wanting a personal ranting space I created this blog, and it led me to where I am right now. Not that I am a successful blogger by any means. I am not famous. Not glamorous. Not fashionable. However, I truly am grateful for everyone who drops by. Even those who just stumbled upon my blog by accident only once. 

Sometimes people tell me "Why do you want to blog? Is not that you can make a living out of your blog! It's pretty much a waste of time." Well....I used to think like that too, but then, to me my blog is the place where I can really be myself, not caring about how people want to judge me or whatsoever. Those who like me for who I am will stick with me. I believe in that. Even I only have 1 reader, I will continue blogging. Perhaps someday after 10 years I can look back at all these blog posts and see how well had I spent my youth :p HAHA!

And of course, I still HOPE that someday I can become half as pretty and successful as those beauty bloggers and be able to meet my blogger Queens! I will keep on working hard and IF someday when I really can become a qualified blogger, I can proudly tell my blogger Queens how they have inspired me :p

Anyway, I have to say A BIG THANK YOU for all those amazing people I got to know because of this blog! THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH GREAT FRIENDS TO ME! Of course not only those girls I listed above, there are still many of them!!! Some of them even treat me way better than the people around me in my real life! 


Looking back, you guys can literally make me cry tears of joy, like this!



PS 1: Those pretty bloggers' photos are their own properties. I "stole" it from their Facebook >< SORRY SWEETIES :/ And also, THANKS AGAIN!

PS 2: From my 101th blog post onwards, I will be adding a "quote to share" at the end :3 A small little change inspired by my new idol, Wu Chun. I saw him doing that on his blog and I find it pretty heartwarming (I don't know why LOL~) so I'm going to do the same too!

PS 3: I'm having a few blog collaborations with some really amazing bloggers, so make sure to follow me :3



  1. Keep Blogging~Bloggers Rock!! ❤❤❤

  2. waw,一看到我的照片很驚訝叻,哈哈!我也覺得我們聊天方式很特別!希望我們真的有機會見面!部落格真的很奇妙!

  3. Maybe I'm too far from y'all so I didn't get to meet up with you girls at all :O But I really like how much you appreciate your friends! Hope to have the chance to meet up with you as well :D