Thursday, August 29, 2013

Michael Jackson's 55th Birthday & My MJ collections

Today is Michael Jackson's 55th birthday!!!! 


Ever since I was 15, every single MJ's death anniversary and birthday I will definitely wear one of my Michael Jackson's shirts out! 

This is what I wore during MJ's 4th death anniverasy... 

Today's #ootd!! 

HAHA!! Spot that bandaged foot!! I tripped over my own foot because it got numb as I got up from my laptop table. However I ignored it and started to walk over to my bed and I just tripped over it!! FML!! At that point, my foot just went extremely numb and I could feel nothing at all. The only thing that flashed into my mind at that very split second, was not the pain, was not the injury, it was all about my society's performance. I have 3 dances coming up on 11th September and I'm in charge of 2 of the dances. I was sooooo afraid that what if the doctor said I couldn't dance for a few months then I would be doomed! Big time! THANK GOODNESS, the doctor said it's not very severe and I just have to take a good rest for 48 hours! He put the bandaged on without any medicine inside because he said I should use that as a reminder to "SIT STILL"!! :p 

By the way, I know putting these 2 #ootd photos together is a really really big contrast!! In fact, I was and am wearing the exact SAME shirt!!! What a big difference :p 

But still....I never forget to wear a MJ shirt whenever his days arrive~ 

This is my current desktop background <3 

Seriously, I can consider myself a hardcore MJ fan!! I guess that fact is just too apparent. Still remember my long ass blog post just to explain why my Facebook name is FION PARIS JACKSON?? If you haven't read that, PLEASE DO!! :3 

And to tell you a secret, my iPhone's password is MJ's birthday! :p That day my friends were trying to unlock it, and they kept on asking for MY birthday. It's so funny to see them trying SO HARD just to unlock it :p They even guessed whether it's my crush's birthday but they never thought of MJ's birthday!!!

Today I shall share with you my Michael Jackson's collection. Too bad I have to leave them all behind in my Malaysia's room because my luggage will definitely go overweight if I were to bring every single thing here. 

Original albums and DVDs!! Yes, all authentic ones!!! I really can't help bragging about my MJ collection although compare to many other hardcore fans out there mine is very very "kindergarten" standard...but still...I'm proud of my own collection :p 

I bought these audio albums myself by selling off my second-hand high school textbooks! 

Mom bought the DVDs for me because she wanted them herself HAHA!!

It's really a blessing when your parents have the same idol as you. They buy everything for you HAHA!! 

Books!!!!! The TIME magazine was the very first MJ thing I got. My mom bought it immediately when it was published! 

All of them were bought by my mom because she said buying books is not a harm since she can claim the income tax LOL!!

On the right corner of this photo, you can see a big roll of posters. I just can't be bothered to open them up because there are too many of them and it's quite hard to roll them back again!!

Also bought by my mom! If not mistaken, this treasure box contains 32 DVDs!! Many of them are concert DVDs!! Awesome max!!

It looks like this in the inside~!

I love how every single DVD has a different photo printed on it <3

My cupboard door!!! I changed the design a couple of times as my collection got larger. In the end settled with this. See that TIME magazine poster!! I got it from a salesman who persuaded my mom to subscribe to Readers' Digest (even though my mom didn't want to subscribe to TIME, I told him 'since you talked my mom into subscribing, I want that from you' LOL!). He then gave me 3 identical ones.

The gigantic THIS IS IT one is a cutout from the newspaper. It was published on the same day as This Is It's premiere. To be honest, I really admire the writer of this piece of article. Not only he included some really memorable photos of MJ, but also very touching context. Sometimes when I went to take my things from this cupboard, I would just stand there and read it and cried on the spot (no matter how many times I've read it...I can still sob T__T)

These actually belong to one of the compartments in the big ass cupboard as shown above. But because of the bad lighting I transferred them to my study table to take this photo. 

My mom always says "Is this a shrine of MJ in your room? It looks like you are setting up a shrine and you will be praying to him everyday!"

Another cupboard. This is the cupboard where I used to put all my high school textbooks!

Forgot where I got all these postcards from!!

This 3D card means a lot to me! It's the free gift in This Is It DVD set. 

Smooth Criminal is my all time favourite of MJ's songs. And the very last Smooth Criminal </3 Quite heart breaking for me to look at this photo because there will not be any real MJ Smooth Criminal performance EVER on this planet T__T

Mom bought me these 2 DVDs from China. Apparently they are pirated ones, but then my mom said "since you demanded some MJ things, so I buy these for you" :p THANKS MOM!

MJ bottlecap necklaces and keychains! I have A HUGE COLLECTION of these because I made it myself :p HAHA!!!

I called this "my bible" because I have been having this in front of my study table for 4 years already. And every time when I raise up my head, I will read it and slowly "digest" the meaning that MJ's trying to convey :')

My MJ handbag!!!! Love it to the max!!!

2 gigantic MJ posters!! I actually have a lot of different posters but I only have the heart to put these 2 up is because I have 5 identical ones HAHA!!! So many spare ones and the others I just have ONE...That's why I choose to keep them as collection! see my goddess too! Orianthi FTW!! ^^ 

The middle part of the wall is the start of my K-Pop craze. My very first collection of Jung Yong Hwa's photos! 

Ignore the 3 pieces of coloured papers please. I wanted to use them to inspire myself to wake up early and study hard (because that time I was facing the major exams) but I ended up ignoring them all the time and slept in like a pig!! 

The main point of this photo is....look at the right side....above my keyboard!! Black and white MJ logos! And a piece of drawing that MJ drew it himself (of course I got that from Google...duh!). Okay...a bit cheating, there's one Orianthi's logo too :3

My favourite MJ shirt!!! Told you Smooth Criminal is my all time favourite!! What more can you ask for?! Smooth Criminal style in BLING!!! AWWWWW :') 

Dangerous album cover shirt!! In BLING too!!!

Similar photo with the TIME magazine cover :3

This is actually so not my size...still thinking how should I match looks like a mini dress to me instead of a tee :p

I'm wearing this right now ^^

I forgot to bring this to Aus with me :S

This is also another super oversize one~

Still remember this that I wore in my Blackout Vlog? :p

My MJ jacket!!! Golden blings!!! The most expensive piece in my entire closet!!! A gift from my mom's boss!!

I actually have more things to show, but because now the doctor said I have to stop moving I can't really go gather all the things for this blog post now...Will update the photos soon ^^ I have a MJ logo necklace, keychains, poker cards, guitar picks, cap and also iPhone case!!! Planning to buy some MJ belly rings that I saw on eBay!! (I use belly rings as earrings FYI)

PS: That MJ birthday cake shown at the beginning of this post was for my 16th birthday! Mad love it! Am thinking to get something similar for my 20th birthday next year! This time I will make a Smooth Criminal one since I already had a Billie Jean one :DDDD

Found this song on Youtube this morning!! It's sooooo smoothing!! I didn't bother to check out the release of BAD 25 because I thought this is another thing which aims to exploite MJ's masterpieces. But turns out, this album has quite a number of very nice UNRELEASED songs. In my opinion, I feel the remixes destroyed the whole album, especially the remixed version of Bad featuring Pitbull....OMG...that's just W-T-F!!! Pitbull totally ruined the song!!! DAMN!!!

I'm so gonna buy that album when I get back to Malaysia :p

55 years ago, this day, 7.33pm, God sent down an angel to planet earth. Come to think of it, it wasn't that much of a once-upon-a-time thing~ Thank you Michael for creating so such unbeatable legacy. Thank you for the music, the dance, the MVs, the fashion, the Neverland, the smile, the laughter, the inspiring lessons, the kindness, the generosity, the love....Most important of all, thank YOU for walking on this planet.

You will be missed forever.

You are not alone the King of Pop.

We love you. God bless <3 

☮ Quote to share:-
I wish to make the world more beautiful by entertaining, to bring joy into people's hearts. Music, peace, love...that's what I wish ~Michael Jackson


  1. Can see that you love him so much!!! =]

  2. Wow the cake is yours!!! I thought you get the picture from online! Really cool!!! :) Haha I've seen your collection before and I'm still amazed. :) RIP Michael Jackson, you're the best!

  3. I am glad that you can preform your dances! I run for my school and I know how annoying injuries can be. Rest is the best cure =)

    Your MJ collection is so impressive!! I can tell that you love him a lot! All the posters in your room are really cool. I love that handbag as well!! i really did like MJ a lot too and he has def. made a huge impact on music today! RIP.

  4. OMG you are totally a super Michael Jackson fan!!! HAHAHHA Your collection is so impressive XD