Friday, September 6, 2013

Mah #BADInfluence (Part 4) First visit to Hanaichi & Brunetti


Okay, sorry bear with me...this is not the usual way I start off my blog post :p I did that because of a reason!! Remember my friend Erica (aka my #BADInfluence)? This is the way she always replies me on Whatsapp! Today's her birthday, so I'm going to dedicate another blog post to her! ;)

Finally this girl enters University. This is actually another super duper postponed post ><

I FINALLY had the chance to catch up with her (I MUST use the word "finally" because this girl always ditches people at the very last minute!!) So like after being ditched for approximately 4 or 5 times, then only we managed to have a night out!

I seriously have a love-hate relationship with this Biatch! 

So this girl told me, in order to make up for me (after ditching me so many freaking times), she's going to buy me dinner. And she insisted going to Hanaichi at QV to eat their famous curry chicken rice.

I've always heard of the name Hanaichi because many of my friends like to dine there but I've never been there. Since Erica highly recommended their curry chicken rice, I had to try it out!

Honestly, this was REALLY GOOD!!!!! Ever since this very first visit, I have always been craving for it!!!!!! Addicted to it >< I put the blame on Erica ever since :p

The price is also relatively cheaper than other dishes too. It's only $6.90. If I don't convert back to Malaysian Ringgit, it's actually really worth it because it's quite a big portion.

After dinner, Erica demanded for desserts. She was desperate to go to Brunetti at Lygon Street. 

She's like "Fion, have you been to Brunetti?"
"No...I've heard of it though."
"OMG.....don't tell people that you are actually studying in Melbourne IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO BRUNETTI!"

Okay fine, I gave in to this girl~

We were actually very full after eating the entire curry chicken rice, yet she kept on bugging me for desserts, so we decided to WALK there instead of taking the tram in order to digest the main dish first :p

Brace yourself!!!! Don't drool on your keyboard!!! :p

ARGHHHH....Didn't know what to choose, all the pastries there were seducing my taste buds, BIG TIME seducing ><''

After I had a little tennis match going on in my brain for a little while, I chose this one!! ;)

Well, Erica is a Chocolate Queen! So, this choice is pretty self-explanatory xD

I just read from a random Tweet...These days, taking photos of the food before eating them, is not a trendy trend, but is a form of respect to the food! In memorial of them before we gobble them up HAHAHAHA!! WELL SAID!!!!

Trying so incredibly hard to show our ultimate respect to our desserts :p

OKAY...respect is overflowing ==''

HAHA...finally EAT!!!

After eating, there's the usual routine...SELCA!!! :p

Okay so now, I have 2 places to recommend. If you happen to come to Melbourne, remember to go to QV try out Hanaichi's curry chicken rice! It's awesome! 

(If you are in Melbourne University, you can go to Union House's Egg Sake. They have something really similar to Hanaichi's curry chicken rice xD)

And most importantly, don't forget to go to Brunetti!! Because according to my #BADInfluence Erica, you can't say that you've been to Melbourne if you have never tried out Brunetti! Remember that statement :p

Anyway, back to the main topic! 

It's my #BADInfluence's birthday! Finally this girl is 18! Legal to go clubbing already. We originally said that we should go clubbing together when she turns 18 because that will be our very first clubbing experience in our lives and we wanted each other to be part of that "historical" moment! LMFAO!'s just a joke. I'M NOT A CLUBBER =='' Maybe some day we will try it out, but not in the near future anyway. She's still a young reckless #BADInfluence to me!!! Funny thing she's only 1 year younger than me but I feel like I'm taking care of her like a grandma (not even a mom...FML) HAHAHA!!

Like I said, I have a love-hate relationship with this girl but apparently, love is stronger HAHA!!!

Girl, although sometimes you are a bitch, I still love you. Especially for being there for me~


ps: Read my stories with #BADInfluence >>> Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 :D

☮ Quote to share:-
Friendship is the rainbow between 2 hearts sharing 7 colours: feelings, love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secret and respect.


  1. yummiess, wow so many cakes, liked it!

  2. wow so many different types to choose!

  3. Wow, so many lip-smacking desserts, love the extensive choices of pastries and cakes displayed :)

  4. hahaha well said! :)) pay respect to the food LOLLLLL! :DDDDD

  5. Omg baby. where is everywhere the food :D I am starvingggg.. Nooooooo :(

    1. come find me in Melbourne, i bring u there ^^