Monday, November 4, 2013

Coordinates that were forgotten

I just realised the last time I posted up a #OOTD post was in May!!!


To be honest, taking #OOTD photos are really not a habitual thing for me to do. Well, there are several reasons behind that...

1. I don't really dress up for school. Usually I just put on my jeans and throw on a random Tee that I choose according to my mood of the day. End of story. I don't mnake up at all.

2. I don't have the big ass full body mirror.

3. By the time I come back from school, my phone is usually dead. I used up its battery scrolling Instagram whole day.

4. I'm just lazy. (ps: I guess this is the MOST convincing reason).

Anyway, I was scrolling my phone the other day and I discovered that I actually have quite a few #OOTD photos that are enough for me to come up with a blog post. goes :p

I promise I will TRY to take more #OOTD photos after my exams :p You know the pre-exam period is the grumpy period and who the hell has the mood to dress up nicely!

Coordinate #1

Bag from Rubi (I'm forever using this since I bought it)
Velvet leggings from eBay
Michael Jackson tee from Bangkok
Michael Jackson jacket (you can't see) from Ponte 16's Michael Jackson Gallery, Macau

Coordinate #2

Oversized off shoulder top from Factorie, Docklands
Shorts from Ice, Docklands
Leggings from Giordano

Coordinate #3

Cardigan from Cotton On
Top from JayJays
Jeans from Applemint

Coordinate #4

Top was a present from mom's friend
Shorts from Valleygirl, Docklands

Coordinate #5

Top from T-Bar, Docklands
Denim from I forgot where

Coordinate #6

Top from Taobao

Coordinate #7

Simpsons oversized boyfriend tee from Taobao
Shorts given by my mom

Coordinate #8

Official CN Blue Blue Moon Concert Tee from KpopMart
Leggings from Thailand

Coordinate #9

Top was given by mom's friend
White inner tank top from CocoLatte, Melbourne Central
Leggings from Bangkok

Coordinate #10

Denim Jacket from Taiwan
Bag, Tee & Galaxy Leggings from Bangkok
Silver sneakers from Reebok

Coordinate #11

Jacket from Bangkok
Simpsons crop tee from Taobao
Shorts from Bangkok

Coordinate #12

Flower jacket from Valleygirl, Docklands
Tank Top from JayJays
Shorts from Icy, Docklands
Leggings from Giordano

Coordinate #13

Peace logo Top from Factorie (this is one of my favourites but I don't think its quality will give the top a long lifespan....)
Shorts from Ice, Docklands
Leggings from Giordano

Coordinate #14

Jacket from Sungei Wang, KL
Top (inside you can't really see) from T-Bar, Docklands
Denim (can't see) and I forgot where it's from

That's all for today.

Mind to tell me which coordinate is your favourite? :p 

This is a scheduled post, by the time you are reading this, I'm in an awfully stressed out mood because of my exams! Will be back to normal soon and I will be having a random crap Vlog out :p HAHAHAH!!

Also, there will be nice blog posts coming AFTER exams ^^ 

I'm preparing for a giveaway soon for Xmas!!! 

Make sure you stay with me!! HAHA


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  1. hahah u like simpsons alot ya? haha

  2. ohh I love all your outfits. I was scrolling down your post trying to pick my favorite ones and I ended up liking almost all of them!! You should do outfits more often (though I do understand your reason for not!... lazyness is a huge issue of mine too!)
    I lowered down my favorites and they are- 1, 2,7, 8, 9 and 13
    you have some of the cutest and most colorful bottoms ever!

    I hope you do well on your exams and try not to stress too much! =) I bet you will do well! I can't wait to see your vlog. I tried filming one a few days ago and it didn't turn out so well hehe. I am so awkward talking in front of a camera lol. =)

  3. #10 I like the most!!! the galaxy legging and the denim jacket is sth like I die for!!! Yea, now u finish ur exam ady, can post ady~~~

  4. 10 I like the most!!! The galaxy legging and denim jacket are things to die for!! Now that u finish ur exam ady, can post up up le!

  5. You have such a nice casual style! I love it :)
    I really like the first look :)

  6. Wow! Great OOTD's, i really like the second outfit!
    I love shopping at Factorie because they have the best knits and off the shoulder tops!
    And omgg! We have the same name!! That's pretty awesome haha :P ♥
    Following you definitely!! :D