Monday, December 2, 2013


“OMG My blog is soooo dead….I will update tonight/tomorrow”

I have been saying this in the bloggers’ group chat on kakao for a thousand years ><" Finally I'm sitting here at my study desk in Penang writing this blog post. 

To be honest, this is actually a pretty pointless piece of blog post, I guess this is just to sum up my post-exam life (with tonnes of those reasons or excuses-I just have to be frank anyway for not blogging for a dreadfully long time)!

#1 I needed lots of sleep after exams...So I slept like 11 hours + every single day after exam.

#2 Apart from sleeping, the other thing I did was to watch Korean dramas because my mom doesn't like me watching shows. Whenever she sees me watching dramas (typically) or Youtube she will scold me. That's why I thought it's the best if I watch them in Melbourne! 

So..I watched Princess Hours (I know that's an old drama, but it's the very first Korean drama that I have ever watched in my life.

I thought I should see that as a nostalgia for my pre-K-drama craze days :p *Don't even know what kind of excuse is that*

PS: To be honest, watching Korean dramas always reminds me of my love for Korea and my dream to go to Korea someday and also to not give up on learning their language. 

After watching Princess Hours, I watched Dream High. 

This is the drama that I watched RIGHT BEFORE I started my Korean craze! My Korean craze started after I watched Heartstrings. Dream High was the drama that I watched halfway before I watched Heartstrings. 

After 2 years, I decided to re-watch it...not halfway! And I came to realization that the storyline is quite touching. Seeing people striving to achieve their dreams makes me tear sometimes. 

I fell in love with Eun-Jung and Taecyeon (Baek Hee and Jinguk from the photo above) after watching this! I like IU as well (Pilsuk from the photo above). 

Taecyeon is such a hottie! I'm so into 2PM's songs after liking him! 

Eun-Jung....I don't know why did I even like her from the beginning. I usually hate the bad character from the very beginning till the end and I will never like the cast himself/herself ever since that but I like Eun-Jung even though she was quite mean bitch in the drama! 

Probably her style in the drama is just too gorgeous to make me hate her!!! My bestie said to me when I told her I like Eun-Jung "Of course you will like her, her style in the drama is your all-time favourite!"

I guess she's just right afterall! :p

#3 Moving to a new apartment! It was a hiatus! Seriously insane one!

Come to think of it now, I am quite taken aback by myself. How on earth did I even manage to move everything to my new apartment in just 2 days and even had my wardrobe tidied up! 

You know why it was a hiatus?! Because I had to deal with an incredibly irresponsible housing agent! I seriously have no idea how come this kind of person can even survive in the workforce anyway!!!! 

The apartment was bought my bestie's parents in Malaysia and the housing agent had to settle the legal documents with the solicitor in Melbourne and then pass us the keys for us to move in before the 2 of us come back to Malaysia. 

That agent kept on delaying the day to pass the key to us. From the previous week's Thursday to Monday, then to Tuesday then to Thursday and we heard NOTHING from him. Until Friday, he kept on avoiding my friend's phone calls and text messages! I started to get frustrated at that point because I HAD TO move everything by Monday evening.

When I texted him in block letters, asking him to call MY PHONE (instead of my friend's) IMMEDIATELY. Then, he called me back and gave me a bunch of excuses indirectly saying that he had long urgent meetings and might not be able to hand me the keys. From the way he said it, I felt that he's praying that I would say "Oh nevermind since you are so busy, let's make it Monday!"

I said to him "No matter what just make sure you give me the keys by today."

So he said 3.30pm he would meet me at the city, but by the time I finished changing my clothes, he called to say that he would come at 5pm instead. Then changed to 6pm. In the end, I rushed back from city at 5.45pm BUT HE ARRIVED AT 7.45PM! DAFUQ!

That's not the end of the story yet....

After he gave us the keys, he told my friend to open up the apartment door at 7AM the next day because the contractors wanted to fix the wardrobe! Dumb! Nobody freaking works at 7am in Aus!

My friend went at 10am then only she realized she couldn't get into the building's main entrance!


She called him but he didn't pick up. She texted him and he replied "use the other elevator" WTF!!

When I met up with my friend, she showed me her phone and she had already texted him 4 messages but there's no reply from him at all. Again I asked him to call my phone and I dealt with him personally. I came to realization that he only replies when people write in block letters. DAFUQ!

When he picked up the phone he was like "Use the other elevator when the other is not working".

After I made it clear that we didn't have the censor card to enter the building (at that time I was trying hard to hold my temper already), his response was "OH MY GOD I'M SORRY. I WASN'T AWARE THAT YOU NEED A CENSOR CARD TO ENTER THE BUILDING!"

I exploded at once and yelled at him through the phone "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WEREN'T AWARE and NOW WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?!"

He told me "I told you I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do because I'm at a wedding event and it doesn't finish in 3 hours' time plus today's a weekend, the office is closed."

I got effing furious at that time, "Sorry doesn't cure things and please this is the mess that you created and I don't care whatever reason or excuse you are going to give me. I'm going back to Malaysia for 3 months on Monday and if I don't get to move the things to the new apartment, are you going to bear my rental for another additional 3 months!" (I was yelling across the corridor at that time already)

Eventually, he freaked out and he called his boss to ask her to open the office door so he could go get the keys and I made him deliver to my house again on a Sunday morning. He still had the guts to tell him to not ask him to deliver early in the morning because I heard him mumbling "not 9 or 10am" but I didn't give a damn about him, I said "10am SHARP!"

The next day, he was late, I called him at 10.15am and it went into the missed call. After 3 minutes he called back to apologize as he was on his way already. He came at 11.30 ==

Basically he got me into a major mess. I successfully moved everything in just 2 days and was exhausted as f*** Is just like an insane nightmare!!!

Guess all these just summed up why I left my blog unattended for so long the past 2 or 3 weeks :p

Gonna hit the sack now...I'm dead tired...Tell you the new story about my 1st day of internship tomorrow night!

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I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all ~Abraham Lincoln


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