Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Toy

I have a new toy!!! My own ukulele!!!

Well strictly speaking, it's not actually THAT new anymore. Due to the annoying fact that my luggage was overweight when I went to Australia earlier this year, I couldn't bring this along with me. And I just received it 3 days before my flight....So I never had the time to learn anything at all!

I suppose my love and passion for guitars are not something new to my readers anymore, not to mention my real life friends and family. I'm plainly obsess with them! I'm proud of that~ Just bear with me for a sec~

Anyway, the story about ukulele is sorta like an extension from my story with guitars because it just seems like a MINIATURE guitar with less strings and less frets.

The first ukulele that I've ever come across was from...

Lilo and Stitch! I was a big fan back then when I was around 11 or 12 :p Idiotically, at that time, I actually thought that it's a guitar. Plus, at that time, I have never seen or touch a real guitar before, needless to say ukulele. 

After being all gaga over guitars, I came to know about ukulele but I never had a passion for it.

Just thought it was kinda cute when I was Tiffany playing it. 

Until one day during my trip back to Malaysia last year, I saw a ukulele at my friend's house! She said she got it for free from her cousin and she even offered to help me get one too! So after a couple of weeks, when my friend's mom came back from Taiwan, she brought my ukulele for me ^^ 

This is all mine now!!! Nyahahaha!!! *victory laugh*

When I came back in my old room in Malaysia last week, I saw this pitiful ukulele lying on my study table in its bag. At that split second, I decided to learn it and bring it back to Australia with me. 

As you all know, both my electric guitar and acoustic guitar have decorations on them, so I decided to do the same to my ukulele as well. 

BUT....THIS TIME...I've done something which NOBODY has ever expected...well, at least from me ><

For the very first time, I don't have the rocker or whatever-you-label-me-I-don't-give-a-damn-style! 

I have a rather funny (or dumb/bullshit) reason for this decoration :p

The other I suddenly came to realization that I'm turning 20 next year, meaning I have around 10 years till I'm turning 30. This year, I'm 19, my very last year of TEENAGE rebellion (I do intend to keep on rebelling in my twenties anyway). Counting and counting, I have less than 10 years to do ANYTHING I want without being judge (legal ANYTHING, I mean).

Recently, my friends kept on telling me that I'm a rocker, I love gothic styles and upon watching Dream High (I mentioned in the previous blog post, remember? :3), I saw IU's guitar!!! 

Although I'm known as NOT a pink fan, I can't help admitting that her guitar is adorable ^^ I stole the concept from her actually. 

Went to Daiso to hunt for cute stickers. I actually wanted to buy macaroons' stickers but their colours aren't that vibrant, so eventually I bought Little Twin Stars'!!

RM5 - less than 2 aussie dollars and my ukulele is now a cutie ^^

By the way...To share with you all!!!!!

Isn't this mug ROCKING COOL?!?! Saw it on a USA website but it costs like 12 dollars and I feel dumb for spending so much on a mug ><

Mad love this guitar's colour <3 <3 <3 DROOLING~~~

☮ Quote to share:-
The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you ~B.B King


  1. practice more on ur new ukulele please... and do vlog^^^ kakaka

  2. your new ukulele is so adorable! It does look like a mini guitar! I have a friend who has a ukulele similar to that blue one and it is the coolest thing ever! I love how you put your own stickers on it!
    I agree with Ivy and you should post a vlog of you playing it =)

    12 dollars is a lot for a mug, but it is such a unique mug!

  3. oh so ukulele is like a small guitar?

  4. oh my you're such a great guitarist ( i feel, by the way you write about your guitar) i have my ukelele too! and it's fiery red color, and yes, it's different than the guitar, (i still opt for guitar seeing about how small and cram your fingers has to put for your ukelele)


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