La Vanille Pastry @ Hutton Lane

You guys know that Penang is now every famous of its heritage sites and cafes right?! Okay, I'm from Malaysia and I am from Penang - a very tiny turtle-shaped island located by the side of Peninsular of Malaysia. Doubt you can see it from the world map though! Have to zoom in! 

When I went back to Malaysia earlier this year, I got the chance to finally be a tourist in Penang. HAHA! Forgive me since I've been out of Malaysia for 3 years (this year is the 3rd), that's why I am not so familiar with the new places anymore. However, thankfully my baby Jia Xin is such a big fan of Penang's heritage places. All thanks to her I gotta explore Penang quite thoroughly this time. And she kept on saying that it's kinda funny for her to bring a Penangite around Penang like a tourist! HAHA! OH~ so now I'm in the tourist category?!

She brought me to a few heritage cafes. Out of all those cafes, my all time favourite is definitely La Vanille. It's like one of the cutest places in Penang. 

Technically, I don't think this is actually considered as those type of HERITAGE CAFES, but since we found it on the heritage cafes list on Google, I would like to think of it as one :p (does that even sound logical ><)

This is what you see from the outside. Screw the reflection that ruined the photo T__T

This is the look you will get once you open the front door :) Looks very cozy and cute right?

La Vanille serves cupcakes, macarons, pastry, brunch, as well as the coffee, tea and drinks. This café is origin from the founder who likes to travel from her country to the other part of the world, exploring the lifestyle of the local, experiencing the culture of the people, and enjoying high-tea at the little cafe of local. She treats her business as warm and heart-felted neighborhood café, where people can share their happiness and valuable experience with their loved ones. 
(extracted from La Vanille's website! Click here for the full introduction)

Just look at the counter!!! OMG!!! It's sooooo adorable!!!!! ♥♥♥

They don't provide menus so you have to walk up to the counter and look at the blackboard and place your order there. And of course pay your bill there.

There's another "piece" of menu located at the front part of the cafe.

To be honest, I was totally blown away when I saw the prices of their food and beverages. They are not expensive at all, unlike most heritage cafes where I think they are usually very overrated.

My dear Jia Xin went to place her order and I just sat there like a boss HAHA! 

Actually no...I went to take photos like mad! 

Be prepared to drool in front of your pc / tablet / phone screen...Whatever :p 

These are up for displays! Even display items are soooo nice!

Super cute right? 

Unfortunately, we couldn't order these because these are pre-orders by other people :/ 

You can always call/visit La Vanille to place your orders and they can make something out specially for U!

2 photos of us waiting hungrily for our desserts!! Actually we weren't originally hungry as we came from another restaurant but those pastries were too mouth-watering looking and we got hungry once we saw them :p 

YAY! Our cakes are here!!!

Finally!! I admire myself for remembering to snap a photo before eating it because I always got so blown away and the first thing I do is poke my fork into the food xD

My first red velvet cake in my life!

Jia Xin paid for me because she said she didn't get to hang out with me during my actual birthday! AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH BABY!

ps: I told her that she should've informed me earlier so I could order all types of cakes since she's the one paying hahaha

Close up shot! 

Last photos and it's gone~

Jia Xin's green tea cake

Too bad Bi Ling's not here with us because she's a big fan of green tea cakes! Come with us next time Bi Ling!!!!!! 

Jia Xin's hot chocolate of the day. It was too hot for me to drink hot choco / coffee so I just focused on eating my cake :3

After that I went to took photos of the wall decos~ They are sooooo adorable. 

Sorry the overuse of "adorable" but that's the only thing I could think of when I saw those things! 

My favourite piece of wall deco. 

Would love to have this in my room HAHA xD

It's really amazing that the owner of the restaurant put in so much effort to decorate the interior. Instead of those expensive and over-grand decorations, these cute DIY-looking ones give people the sense of home. I love every single one of them. Not only the drawings are amazing, you can tell that the owner actually spent lots of time and attention in running this place. This fact alone makes the cafe worth visiting.


122A Hutton Lane, 10050 Penang, Malaysia. 

04226 4024


I will definitely go back again to La Vanille when I get back to Penang at the end of this year. I shall bring Chanwon, Xixi, Maple and Ivy here if they don't forget about their promise to visit me in Penang! HAHA xD

I'm actually blogging on my housemate's laptop now. My laptop went insane already and I sent it to my mom's friend to repair and she said I have to reformat it T__T OMG! There goes my iTunes! Seriously, the scariest thing for the people from 21st century is undoubtedly life without technology devices! 2nd scariest will be NO WIFI! Well...they are equally deadly to some extent...That's why I haven't been updating these days T__T Wanna cry! Getting laptops to repair is so F***ing expensive in Melbourne. It's a major rip off! RM480 per hour! And god knows how long do they need to take to reformat it! I'm trying to find other solutions, or even try to reformat and reinstall it by myself. Not very confident in doing this, but I don't wanna be ripped off that way. If I eventually succeeded, please call me an IT genius *drums rolling* 

Anyway, I seriously think that I deserve a thunderous applause for being so that extent I borrowed my housemate's laptop just to blog WTH xD 

Till next time <3 

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  1. wakaka... okok^^
    wait u come back... v manage a trip to penang^^

  2. i wanted to go but heard that the stuffs there are too sweet. so end up didnt :/

  3. oooh this must be a heaven for those sweet tooth!

  4. The place looks really cute! I love the presentation of the desserts and cakes, looks sooo yummy too!! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

  5. ohh wow, 3 years is a long time! I'm glad you got to visit again and have your friends how you around! hehe being a tourist is fun!
    The dessert place looks so cute and the desserts all look delicious!! (I have a huge sweet tooth!) I love how creative they are with their presentations! I can't imagine how long it takes!
    The cakes that you guys ordered also look yummy!! haha, you can always make room for dessert!

    Lol, what you said about technology, wifi and the 21st century is sooo true!! I know for me if I lose access to the internet for even a couple of hours (besides sleeping) , I would start to go insane! I would probably do anything in my power to get some wifi! It scares me how attached I am to technology !!