Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Bad Habits [Vlog]

So I thought that we should just take a break from my Penang heritage series :p (I blogged about it continuously for a few blog posts, kinda RARE~)

Today I'm going to be drop dead honest and personal............Here's a vlog that I did to reveal the very TRUE side of me. I put the word true in block letters because I'm empha[SIZE]ing it sooooo much!

I'm nothing near sugar, spice and ANYthing nice~ In fact, I'm the exact opposite! I'm the annoying neighbour next door who sings in her shower and bothers the hell of out you with her guitar strumming etc...... (extras to the vlog, I didn't include this in my video)

That's why I thought it's time for yours truly to reveal what is hiding behind her mask filtered photos (there goes another truth) :/ Devastating yea? That's why people say don't believe in what you see on the net xD

There you go!

PS: Background soundtracks are all sang by the pretty Youtuber who I have been loving since 16 - KIMMI SMILES! Songs (in order): Kiss The Girl, Let It Go and I Walk With A Zombie. You guys should definitely check her out, she's amazing ♥♥


At least I won't feel so Robinson Crusoe-ish as if I'm living so weirdly alone. Hey come on, there goes the saying "no man is an island" (did I even write that correctly @@), tell me I'm not alone PUH-LEA-SE!!! :p

Let me a comment here, or my Facebook, or Tweet me, or comment under my vlog, or even Instagram, TELL MEHHHHHH!!!! It makes me feel less guilty >< 

On the side note, try watching this vlog above in MUTE mode. I find it funneh! xD Or maybe that only applies to me ><"

By the way, I have to pinpoint that I did this vlog as a collaboration. You all know how much I love the fact that I get to know so many amazing new friends via blogging, but because we are not in the same country, and there are some of them who I haven't met before, doing vlog collaborations with them can make me feel that I know them personally. I can see them moving and speaking and not just in 2D photos and selfies (if that's even logical?!). Click here to see my collabs with other bloggers ♥

Anyway, Kharn Yee is the blogger who did this vlog with me, she's so cute and real!! And we are from the same hometown, can't wait to date my babe out when I go back to my hometown this year end <3

Remember to check her vlog (below), and her blog HERE

I loveeeeeeeeeee the part she demo-ed the peanut eating-and-talking part! xD sooooooooo adorable!! ♥

Hopefully next time I can do a collab with Camy and Kharn Yee, 2 at the same time because we are all from the same hometown - Penang!

Okay, I'm ending this post here with a weird faces of mine!

I will be doing my very first outfit outfit post next, so stay tuned ;D If you haven't seen my other vlogs, you can check them out here!

I am attending a barista course tomorrow, I'm so excited!!!!! Finally fulfilling another thing off my 2014 resolution list! :D That's all BYEEEE~

 ☮ Quote to share:-
I try to be as honest and open as I am with everything I do ~Jamix Foxx 

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  1. waaaa. i see my namee! noooo. i still dont have the courage to do vlog! hahaha i find my voice too weird! anyway, i think ur bad habit consider okay de lorr. mine is worstt@@

    1. we can do normal collab instead of vlog lo >< hahah xD why weird oh??
      EH my bad habit very susah to handle edi lo...what is urs mind to share?? haha xD (if not tell me on whatsapp oso can) :p

  2. hahahha i watch Kharn Yee's vlog then saw that she is collaborating wif u ,
    ssome are quite funny XD

  3. Haha, I can totally relate to you with some things, like waking up on time xD Your selfies look super cute :B

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  4. I'm just like you. I like to sing K-pop with all my heart out and some thought what I sing hahaha
    Nice meeting you!