Friday, April 18, 2014

The Mugshot Cafe, Georgetown

In conjunction with the previous blog post on 55 Cafe, I feel that I'm obliged to post an article on The Mugshot Cafe.

CAUTION: If you are looking for a legit food/coffee review, feel free to exit now because below are a bunch of insane selfies that we took in the cafe! HAHA!

This was the next destination that we headed to after coming out from 55 Cafe. In fact, we walked there from 55 Cafe under the scorching hot sun. By the time we reached The Mugshot Cafe, we were as dead as ikan masin (salted fish ==''')!!

I was too tired to even eat anything, yet I had to force myself to take photos around hahaha~ In fact, to be honest, if it wasn't for Chun Keat who was demanding for his yogurt, we wouldn't have to walk all the way there. 

You'll see the front counter once you enter the door. 

This is the place where you should place your order.

Because Chinese New Year was around the corner (now you guys know I've delayed this blog post for how long ><), they had those little red lanterns around.

Because of this yogurt....and I had to walk so freaking far!

They really had a huge variety of yogurts to choose from.

So after Chun Keat bought his yogurt, we went to the 2nd section of the cafe. Because this is a heritage cafe, which was converted from an old house, it's really big in the inside and the architecture is also unlike any modern buildings in our current era.

Nangka (jackfruit) yogurt that Chun Keat got for himself. I think it's around RM10 for this cup if I'm not mistaken (a little too expensive for a yogurt though)

Foolish boy showing his so called happy face upon getting his yogurt ><

I shall do a good deed to put on a slightly better photo of him so that he won't blame me if he's forever single and alone >< HAHA!

Chun Keat and I acting all stupid haha! This is an usual routine anyway, it's our obligation!

Fun fact: This guy had been my RUMOURED boyfriend for around  8 or 9 years ever since we were 8 years old until everyone grew up and stopped creating this bullshit rumour! It was a pretty funny and interesting memory though because our relationship is forever platonic even though we do intentionally flirt playfully most of the time. I just love this buddy so much!!!

Why are you soooo serious my dear? Preparing for an interview or what?!?! HAHA

 Hui Tee was our primary school monitor. We used to sit together behind Chun Keat when we were 12. Then, we got into the same class during high school. We have always been close as usual.

Even though I've left them for Australia, whenever we catch up the very few times, we will still be really comfortable mingling with one another.

And I have to say, Hui Tee is the one who takes nice photos of me during our heritage trip. I COULDN'T THANK HER MORE~

I had been seeing a lot of photos with this background on FB, until I went to Mugshot Cafe, and I was like "OHHH SO IT'S THIS PLACE"

My height is not a secret anymore! HAHAHAHA!

I don't know about you, but according to Xixi, she said she THOUGHT I'm at least 165cm judging from my usual photos...Bubble burst ya! I'm short like that ><"

In case you don't know, I'm quite a HASHTAG person! HAHA!

Then I kinda went insane with endless selfies >< with stupid faces!

  This is my favourite random pic!!!

Chun Keat just looked at us with that WTH face! Spot my amazingly designed power bank on the table!

That's all for today!

The Mugshot Cafe

302 Chulia Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Contact Number:
+6012 405 6276

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 8am-12am

ps: They only accept cash, no cards.

By the way, I was listening to this while I wrote my blog post, just thought that I shall share here because KIMMI's AWESOME LIKE THAT!!! I have it on repeat so many times! YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO IT! WHAT A SPECIAL VERSION!!

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  1. nicepost!
    can see that two of u are really so close to each other, the photo that u and chun keat eat the grass really laugh die me! LOL, keep on posting!
    and I am also 160cm le

    1. hehe thanks my dear! he's just like a ji mui to me sometimes, hahah xD really 38 when we get together!


  2. i tried the yogurt too! a little too expensive for a yogurt also tho :/ haha, u seems like u have lots of fun with ur friends! :D and i dont even reach 160 :( :O

    1. i can buy a whole bucket of plain one then put my ow strawberries or whatever with only RM9 in Melbourne (DIY version one)
      u look tall though in ur blog posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wooo. quite cheap thooo! :P LOL i am 1 cm to 160 :/