Friday, July 11, 2014

Art is Rubbish is Art

Recent years, my hometown, Penang has been receiving much more attention than usual thanks to one incredibly talented artist ERNEST ZACHAREVIC!

"Art is Rubbish Rubbish is Art" is the very first solo art exhibition by Ernest, located at The Hin Company Bus Depot.

While I was back in Penang during the previous summer holidays, I bugged my girl friends to bring me there because I kept on seeing people posting photos from that art exhibition and the media also gave a lot of coverage about this art exhibition! Moreover the exhibition was said to be opened for a certain period of time only and that made me even more enthusiastic. 

If I didn't go...I would feel like a loser :p HAHA!

Thanks to babe Yong Huey who drove us there from Pragin Mall :3 HEHE Finally I can announce "I was there!"

Excuse me for my non-makeup face because....I couldn't be bothered >< These are my closest friends who have seen the worst side of me, so why would I be bothered :p Plus, the weather in Malaysia was too hot for me to endure under a layer of BB cream and eyeliner, especially at the heritage site? NO WAY :p

I don't think I have to do any story telling in this blog post, it really is just about photos!

These were the masterpieces that greeted us at the main hall.

Bi Ling, my neighbour-next-table for continuously 2 years in high school was like "Eh Don't take a photo of me lehhhh!" This cutie pie <3

The outside was actually an empty space with a few pieces of walls.

Here come the excessive faces of ours :p

I actually don't have much to say about this exhibition because I'm not an artsy person myself so I don't want to comment this and that...because I appreciate every form of art!!

Miss my girl friends so much. A lot had happened within these 2 months and I really wish I could be back in Penang living my carefree life - eating, shopping, going to movies, taking endless selfies with my babies and also immerse ourselves in never ending gossips >< I'm pretty stressed out throughout these 2 months, first it was exams and then friendship problems and shit...Nevertheless, I realize that I've been spending most of my school holidays worrying about problems that can't be solved by me no matter how hard I tried, so from now FUCK IT ALL~! I'm going to effing enjoy my holidays...

There will be many blog posts coming up from tomorrow onwards, remember to stay with me dear Unicorns ♥

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  1. great shots! :D