Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Essence All About Nude 01 Eyeshadow Palette & Essence Eyeshadow Brush [Review]

I was never a big fan of eyeshadows until I bought this palette a few weeks ago.

I never intended to shop for eyeshadows because I thought eyeliner is more than enough (and because I own 6 different colours of eyeliners, I feel that they are more than enough for me). However, I never forget to visit the Essence corner at Priceline (Bourke Street branch) whenever I go to that side.

Nearly 95% of my makeup products are from Essence, and I sort of just developed a habit of shopping for MORE things to add to my collection whenever I'm there.

ps: I did a review on Essence's lip products a few months ago, click HERE to read it ^^ You'll know how much I love Essence.

With just approximately 6.50 dollars, I realized that this Essence All About Nude 01 Eyeshadow Palette was too gorgeous for me to resist :p

6 colours for 6.50 dollars? It wouldn't hurt for me to try! And so, I bought it without thinking so much.

One thing I love about Essence is that their products are never "made in China". I can't accept anything that is to be put on my face to be made in China. Sorry I'm this biased ><

Aren't they gorgeous?

The dark purple on the bottom right corner is my favourite among all of them!

I also bought an eyeshadow brush to go with this palette.

I bought this Essence Smokey Eye Brush from Essence for 2.4 dollars if I'm not mistaken.

Essence has another brush that is in pink, which does not say "smokey eye", but it's in pink, so as usual, I went for the non-pink one regardless what is its actual purpose :p

I used to think that makeup brushes are really expensive because I kept on seeing/hearing my friends or other bloggers saying they spent a lot on makeup brushes. However, with less than 3 dollars, I bought my first eyeshadow brush and I seriously love its quality so much.

Even after I washed it using ordinary shampoo and leaving it to dry on the table without doing anything more, it still remained in good condition. It doesn't really need much care and it's cheap and it's of good quality!

I honestly don't understand why people have to spend so much on an effing brush after I purchased mine :p

This is the very mild look that I usually wear to work using only the dark purple colour from the bottom right corner of the palette.

In this video, I also tried doing an exaggerated smokey eye effect using 3 colours from the palette.

Disclaimer: This is not a makeup tutorial by any means, I actually don't know the rules for makeup, I just do things MY own way and that's it. My intention was just to share with my bestie how to make fancy styles using this palette (I bought her one as present).

Words can't describe how much I love Essence's products because they NEVER disappoint me!!!!!

That's all for today, I'm going to sleep soon because I still have some Korean society stuffs to settle in school tomorrow. 안녕~

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Art is Rubbish is Art

Recent years, my hometown, Penang has been receiving much more attention than usual thanks to one incredibly talented artist ERNEST ZACHAREVIC!

"Art is Rubbish Rubbish is Art" is the very first solo art exhibition by Ernest, located at The Hin Company Bus Depot.

While I was back in Penang during the previous summer holidays, I bugged my girl friends to bring me there because I kept on seeing people posting photos from that art exhibition and the media also gave a lot of coverage about this art exhibition! Moreover the exhibition was said to be opened for a certain period of time only and that made me even more enthusiastic. 

If I didn't go...I would feel like a loser :p HAHA!

Thanks to babe Yong Huey who drove us there from Pragin Mall :3 HEHE Finally I can announce "I was there!"

Excuse me for my non-makeup face because....I couldn't be bothered >< These are my closest friends who have seen the worst side of me, so why would I be bothered :p Plus, the weather in Malaysia was too hot for me to endure under a layer of BB cream and eyeliner, especially at the heritage site? NO WAY :p

I don't think I have to do any story telling in this blog post, it really is just about photos!

These were the masterpieces that greeted us at the main hall.

Bi Ling, my neighbour-next-table for continuously 2 years in high school was like "Eh Don't take a photo of me lehhhh!" This cutie pie <3

The outside was actually an empty space with a few pieces of walls.

Here come the excessive faces of ours :p

I actually don't have much to say about this exhibition because I'm not an artsy person myself so I don't want to comment this and that...because I appreciate every form of art!!

Miss my girl friends so much. A lot had happened within these 2 months and I really wish I could be back in Penang living my carefree life - eating, shopping, going to movies, taking endless selfies with my babies and also immerse ourselves in never ending gossips >< I'm pretty stressed out throughout these 2 months, first it was exams and then friendship problems and shit...Nevertheless, I realize that I've been spending most of my school holidays worrying about problems that can't be solved by me no matter how hard I tried, so from now FUCK IT ALL~! I'm going to effing enjoy my holidays...

There will be many blog posts coming up from tomorrow onwards, remember to stay with me dear Unicorns ♥

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Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it 

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Voice Up & Ask

I know I'm not qualified to be a love-guru or whatsoever (since I've been single for 20 years), but when it comes to friendship, I suppose my personal experience is enough to share 1 tiny little lesson here.

When it comes to having doubts in friendship (or if applicable, relationship) issues, the most important thing is to VOICE UP and ASK!

To be honest, today I learned my lesson. I was pissed off with a friend for the past 1 week to the extent I felt grumpy and frustrated every single day and I didn't have the mood to do anything at all. He's an important friend. Although I don't know him for long, he's like a big brother to me (and yes, I do call him 'oppa'), so the thought of losing him is as scary as losing a family member.

For this matter, the 1st thing to do is to forget about your ego, ignore your pride. It's worth it, trust me. Risking your pride and ego to find out what is the real truth that is lying behind everything. Don't be a Mr KIA (Know It All) like me, who spent so much time feeling angry without hearing the other side of the story.

So as the previous days, I woke up with a grumpy mood seeing that his name wasn't on the list of the notifications that was on the home screen of my phone. He vanished without a reason...He's avoiding me on purpose....Those were some foolish thoughts I had in my mind for the past 1 week.

Today, while I was working, I decorated some custom order cupcakes. That reminded me of the very first cupcake which I've ever decorated in my life.

And yes, that cupcake was given as a surprise gift to him a month ago....

Technically, it was the act of decorating cupcakes that reminded me of him and stimulated my desire to just talk things over with him face to face. Frankly speaking, I didn't know how I was suppose to confront him or how should I react when I see him after such a long time, but I do know that I cannot let things hang in suspension forever, if not eventually things will become really awkward and might be a contributing factor to the termination of our friendship.

I freaked out at first. However, when I started talking, I just blurted out everything that had been bugging me for the entire week. In a rather cartoon mode >< I just lost control of the situation. And guess what?! The explanations he gave me were completely out of my expectations. In fact, even I had already consulted quite a number of friends, nobody's guesses were even near.

My friend was like "Who the hell gave you the idea that I'm avoiding you? Next time when you have doubts tell me, text me alright? I'm not someone like that."

But I told him "Yeah...I forgive you now, but it doesn't mean that I'm completely not mad...You made me angry for 1 month and you think I could 'un-mad' myself within 2 mins? I shall bash you to release my anger :p" HAHAHA!

Well yeah...the ending turned out to be unexpectedly pleasant.

He kept on asking me to not be angry anymore and when I gave him my trademark duck face, he patted me on the head and gave me a hug.

I have my big brother back! And yes, here I am with good mood after quite some time.

The morale of this story is....to just speak your mind. Even if you are a girl, being the one who takes the move to solve things won't make you look cheap or desperate. To be honest, if that's the person who you can't afford to lose, why bother about the stupid ego and pride of yours? Since you can't trade ego and pride for money or food, why not exchange it for love?

Nothing's more scary than being innocent and ignorant.

Stop making assumptions in your mind or among your friends (or you may end up like ^).

Confronting may seem intimidating and desperate to some extent, but it is definitely one of the most effective methods to solve things. You may be able to discover something which you will never think of even though you've been squeezing your brain juice for the entire month.

You may be able to have a song on replay for countless times, but some people, once they've walked out of your life, you may not be ale to have them back anymore. It is fate that brought 2 people to meet and get to know each other and later become friends. Don't waste this fate. It doesn't come easy.

I always believe in that. That's why I'd rather choose to solve things by ignoring my pride or ego if I feel that person is worth it. As long as I value him or her, nothing in between matters more than bringing him/her back to be part of my life again - no matter what I do, I will give it my best shot, I don't want to be the one loosing grip of the rope of our friendship so I won't have to face any regrets in the future.

It may sound a bit pathetic to put it this way, but remember, no matter how strong your friendship or love is, a friendship and a romantic relationship are always about 2 people. If one party doesn't care anymore, then everything will rupture. So it is up to you to fix and hold things in equilibrium.

Good luck my unicorns  ♥

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Hammer & Tong 412 @ Fitzroy, Melbourne

HEY MY UNICORNS!! I'm back!! Exams ended a week ago!! I survived but I'm not too sure about my papers though...still constantly praying to God that I can pass ALL OF THEM!

I didn't have much motivation to do anything major apart from lazing around at home. The only productive thing I did was going to work haha :p (don't get me wrong I LOVE MY JOB, not whining here by any means)

Anyway, the main topic today is BRUNCH!

Eating brunch is becoming a trendy trend that is trending now. Perhaps it's more like THE IN THING compare to clubbing, which to me, the ultimate good girl in hiding, is actually a good thing :p

Last Sunday, Erica, Alanis and I decided to have brunch together since we hadn't met up in a group for nearly 2 months!!! We used to see each other every single day last time :'( Alanis said that she heard about a famous brunch place at Brunswick called Hammer & Tong, so we went all the way there!

Waited for nearly 20 minutes in the cold wind to get seated because the place was so crowded and it's pretty small. To some extent, I don't even consider that as brunch already, thanks to my babe Alanis, we arrived there at 2.30pm == That's literally late lunch >< BOO! However, there was still hell lots of people T__T

The interior of the shop. (the last photo was taken after our meal that's why there's nobody there because it was nearly 4pm...too late for any brunch)

Erica and Alanis ordered hot chocolate. 4 dollars each.

There's my babe in action HAHA

I took a sip from Alanis's glass, and I was quite thankful that I didn't order it because I think I can make a better one at work myself ;)

Our food took quite some time to be served :/ That's why we decided to take selfies first.

I found these flasks really cute. Maybe I should do the same at my home too xD

The soft shell crab burger~ This is what Hammer & Tong is famous for. I seriously love this to the max. Unlike those beef or pork or chicken or fish burgers, this is a really nice twist.

12 dollars for a burger? Honestly I did NOT regret this! A must try if you are at Hammer & Tong!

Some duck egg with oyster sauce mushroom and garlic bread thing...I can't exactly remember the name. 18 dollars. Both Alanis and I thought that it was pretty much a rip off because the duck egg tasted exactly like normal chicken eggs. Tiny pieces of garlic bread with the mushrooms, but the mushrooms were cold with the sauce and it made it pretty disgusting once you've ate more than 2 bites.

Erica's buttermilk lamb, goat's cheese pannacotta, onion rings, sorrel, eucaplytus & apple gel (22 dollars). I didn't try this out so I can't justify...but I do know one thing...It's really little :p

Overall, I think Hammer & Tong is rather overrated, except for the soft shell crab burger which was really really nice. I don't think I will be going back there again unless some random day when I suddenly crave for the soft shell crab burger.

Nevertheless, thanks to Hammer & Tong, I made my virgin trip to Fitzroy. Could've walked there from my house though...it wasn't that far away. Shouldn't have wasted the 5 dollars on tram >< Felt like an idiot!

Thank god we did fully utilize the trip by taking quite a lot of random photos while making our way back ^^

Ending this blog post with my #ootd shots taken by Alanis.

That's the end for today. I promise I will blog more frequently to make up for my MIA month HAHA :p

ps: I just realized Hammer & Tong has the same birth date as me! haha! 12th of February!

Hammer & Tong 412

Rear 412, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

Opening hours:
Tue-Sat: 7am-10pm
Sun: 8am-5pm

Contact Number:
(03) 9041 6033


Hammer & Tong 412 (here)

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