Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fruit Salad Baguette [Tutorial]

After posting a super opinionated blog post yesterday, here I am to neutralise things a little. Well, at least I am trying to do so :p

Today is a food tutorial. HAHA Ever since I gave up on my food blog several years ago, I had never thought of doing a blogpost about a food tutorial - in other words, a recipe! :p 

Disclaimer: I learnt this recipe around 6 or 7 years ago from a Taiwanese blogger but I can't find her blog to her original link here. Just so you know that I have modified the recipe a little to match my own liking though it's obviously a nice way to say I'm effing lazy like this.

I called this the FRUIT SALAD BAGUETTE! 

Not only it's easy to make, it looks cute too! Apart from having mayonnaise as one of the ingredients, I would say this thing is pretty healthy because it contains vegetable and fruits and eggs! :D

Now let's get into the ingredients:

(i) Baguette / French Loaf - I used a baguette because french loaves were all sold out when I went to the grocery T_T

(ii) Fruit Salad - cut your own favourite fruits if you wish 

(iii) Mayonnaise

(iv) Hard boiled eggs & Potato

(v) Few leaves of cabbage & Corn

Get everything ready and now we can start preparing WHEE! The fun starts here:

Heat up the corn (I used a steamer here but you can boil it too)

Peel the potato skin off > Cut it into pieces > Boil them till they are soft

Pour out some fruit salad & wash it with water to get rid of the sweetness of its syrup

Get rid of BOTH ends of the baguette

Then cut them into equal sizes (obviously I failed - Fion has bad estimation)

Dig out the centre of the baguette BUT don't make it hollow. Remember to not dig all the way through - leave a base that is thick enough to carry the weight of the ingredients that we are about to put into it!

When you are done, you will have something that looks like this ^^

When the corn is cooked, mix it with the fruit salad (which shouldn't contain the syrup anymore)

When the potato slices got soft after being cooked, mix them with the hard boiled eggs (of course you boil the eggs beforehand and remove the shell of the eggs, duh!)

Add in mayonnaise to the potato slices and eggs

Mash them into small pieces

You shall have a well mashed mixture of mayo, egg and potato when you're done

Pour everything into the fruit salad & corn mixture - basically all the ingredients are chucked into one big bowl (apart from the baguette and cabbage leaves)

Then mix all of them together!!! (Don't do any further mashing - just MIX them)

You MAY need to add more mayo depending on your own preference 

The mixture may look a bit gross at this point of time - but it will taste good, I promise

Now all we have to do is to fill up the baguette pieces with this mixture!

Then top each of them off with a piece of cabbage leaf! 

You can't simply ignore the importance of food presentation :p (Just like how you need to get your eyebrows done when you are doing a full face makeup)

I deliberately made this for my boyfriend because he was willing to bring me on a road trip (Yes, I show my token of appreciation by bribing his taste buds and stomach :p) I intended for him to eat on the way to our destination but he gobbled one down before we even departed =="

Anyway, this is a super simple and cute snack that you can definitely make without going through too much fuss. Most important of all, it's absolutely instagram-worthy! HAHA

Have fun making them!! ^^

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My View Towards Marriage

Marriage is putting yourself into a completely bullshit situation for the sake of one god damn shit of paper! 

Disclaimer: This is a very opinionated post! If you don't fucking like this shit, then the cross sign is just off the right hand corner (or is it the left for Mac?! IDK)

To me, marriage is nothing but a piece of paper which costs you money to get and also costs you a bunch to get rid off.

I don't believe in marriage.

At least not for now - this thing won't even come across my mind any time soon - at least not in another 7 years' of time. 

Hello...I don't have my youth forever. So when I am still in my twenties, I want to be rebellious, be random and reckless, get more followers on Instagram, go travel around the world, learn 3 more languages, own enough clothes and bags to create a built-in closet, get Hyuna's body figure etc etc etc etc.

Being tied down by marriage forever? HECK IT 21 years old, the very very very last thing I want to do is to have kids, clean the house, cook meals and having to deal with parents in law. NO PUHLEASE!

Nothing worries me more than not having Wifi in my house and my phone battery running low at this moment.

So for those people who always shake their heads when I say that I don't go into a relationship with marriage in mind, I can tell you....Keep your own fucking opinions to yourself! You do what you want, if I can leave you alone, then why can't you?

To me, I don't believe in making stupid promises when you don't even know when you will die. I don't know how long I will live. I don't even know whether the Wifi in my house will work tomorrow, let alone knowing whether things will lead to a marriage in say 10 years time?!

Let's put this in a general context but at a personal level - the Fion level: If you are looking for a girl to settle down with you, have kids, take care of your house and deal with your parents in the long run. Then I'm sorry, for now, I am definitely NOT the girl. Take it or leave it.

It's not that I don't take relationships seriously. I do. However, I don't believe in planning things too far ahead because MOST LIKELY things don't go the way we wish they would be anyway. Then what's the whole point of stressing yourself out over something that you can't foresee.

Life, to me, is like driving in a car on a highway without any street lights by the side. With my car lights, I can see the 30m ahead of me, but I can't see my destination which is 500KM away. However, I know that if I keep on going with this 30m that somehow seem realistic at this point, some day, provided I didn't take the wrong route, I would be able to reach my destination.

This applies to relationships as well. At least from my perspective.

Like what happened in "The Fault of Our Stars", Issac (the blind dude) and his girlfriend had been saying "Always. Always" for countless times. However, when  his girlfriend left him, he was all devastated because he was obsessed over the fucking "always" word. So why go around throwing promises that you can't foresee or keep!

I honestly don't effing see the point of this. I see so many friends of mine changing boyfriends as if they were changing phones - whenever a new iPhone comes out, they get a new one (if you get my metaphor ><) - and every new boyfriend of theirs, they would call them "hubby"! Later after a few months they break up and that girl end up having a new "hubby" within 2 weeks.

Commitments and promises within lovers nowadays are treated like a "LOL". Everybody knows that 99% of the time when one types "LOL" that person's usually having a straight face. That's the theory.

I don't take this shit. In my opinion, I'd rather play safe than to play all the cards in my hand at a go to avoid hurting both parties eventually.

Now let's go back to the marriage topic.

With so many people having divorces in this era, I don't see the point of putting yourself into a marriage.

If the guy wants the girl to marry him so she can take care of his family, his house, his meals....Then hello....go freaking get a maid! Not screw up a girl's life. Especially not a girl who had spent most of her life striving to do well in exams and end up graduating from a University. That girl needs a world she can call her own. Not being held at home doing all those fucking chores. Nobody pays 30K per year as University tuition fees if one were to end up cleaning the damn house for the rest of her life.

The worst of the worst is a guy marrying a girl for the sake of having kids with her. If this is both parties' goal of life, then of course I will say congratulations with all sincerity I could dig out from my heart. However, I don't see a point for a guy to even TRY to convince a girl into carrying a baby of his if she didn't even have that planning in her brain...You know how much pain a girl have to go through carrying that thing that's being created by that damn sperm of yours? While you on the other hand just have to fuck her well enough to get her egg fertilized. You ain't the one bearing the god damn heavy uterus for 10 freaking months!

Sorry but this equation doesn't balance and it never will!

Moreover, marriage to a girl, typically an Asian girl, is not going to balance the equation either. After marriage, Asian girls usually have to deal with their parents in law and worst still stay under the same roof as them. On the other hand, the guy will just stay comfortably in his own house and having to only face his parents in law once a while. That ain't a fair deal! A girl's parents spend their whole live taking care of her until she gets married BUT that's when she starts taking care of someone else's parents. FUCK THAT SHIT?! WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN LOGIC!

Might as well just keep dating for the rest of your life to not turning your relationship into a pressure. By just dating, you don't have to fear that you will being fucking judged as someone with a failed marriage if things didn't work out. By just dating, your family's still your family and mine is still mine even though both families are on good terms with each other.

If you love your partner enough, marriage is something that you can skip or you can have. It's a choice, not a necessity because's just a procedure.

The most important thing is the love that you both share doesn't die. That's what matters the most isn't it?

So why is there a need to talk about marriage in advance before knowing with absolute certainty that the 2 of you are compatible to last for the whole lifetime?!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Top Paddock @ Richmond

Honestly speaking, I am not a huge fan of brunch food. Personally, I like the idea of having brunch in little cafes because I like the cozy ambience but I really don't understand why do I need to pay over 10 bucks for eggs and bacons which are obviously things that I can cook in my own kitchen.

Since most of my friends like going out for brunch, once in a while I don't mind going with them. To me, the people who I am sharing the food with is far more important than the food itself, so there's no point for me to picky by any means.

This time I went with a bunch of girls who I haven't met for over a year. We were from the same college back in 2012 and used to see each other nearly everyday. Even we got into the same Uni, we hardly see each other at all right now. So, we decided to have a little catchup over coffee of course! The final decision was to go all the way to Richmond for Top Paddock.

We got off at East Richmond station and took a tram down because we were too hungry to walk :p

We were pretty late that day so we had to wait in the line.

The pastries weren't that appealing...well, at least to me they weren't.

Instead of waiting stupidly in the line, we decided to take a stroll nearby to take some photos :3

Finally our table for 4 WHEE :3 


Coffee art deserved tonnes of photos! 

And of course not forgetting to take selfies while waiting for the food!

Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcake with Berries, Organic Maple, Seeds & Double Cream ($18)

This is something that you have to try out at Top Paddock. The cake's so soft that you could feel it melting in your mouth without even biting it. However, it's a bit too big and sweet to be finished alone; best to share around with friends. 

Top Paddock:Chorizo, Pickled Onion, Peppers, Basil, Bacon, Adelaide Green Tomatoes, Poached Eggs & Relish on Toast ($22)

Frankly speaking, I don't understand why the cafe named itself after this dish (or was it vice versa?! @@). Nothing special about this. The bacon tasted pretty ordinary and the only thing I liked about it were the 2 poached eggs! End of story. 

Fresh Qld. Soft-shell Mud Crab Roll with a Fennel & Dill Salad & Lime Mayonnaise in a Brioche Bun ($21) 

I was the one who ordered this because I thought it would be something like what I had at Hammer & Tong last year :3 Unfortunately it was a little too salty for me. Luckily we split this into 4 as well so it wasn't that unbearable.

Gin & Lime Cured Huon Ocean Trout Fillet with Pickled Baby Beatroots, Potat Galette, Poached Eggs, Leaves, Goats Curd & Toast ($20)

I liked the trout fillet because it's something that you can't go wrong with in any circumstances (Common sense wise, if a brunch cafe can't even handle a fillet well, then it might as well shut it business down, am I right?). The skin of the fillet was rather crispy and we all loved it - in fact, we were quarreling over who should take the very last bite of the fillet skin HAHA!

Lastly, not forgetting another important aim of having brunch - that's to take an instagram-worthy photo!

I stole this from Kayan because I was too hungry and lazy to get my butt up from the stool for the sake of 1 photo :p

Overall, from my very own humble opinion, Top Paddock failed to give me something that could blow my mind apart from its Hot Cake. The other dishes were ordinary but the presentations were awesome. For me, I wouldn't come back here again on my own unless someone were to drag / drive me over, if not, it's not worth all the trouble to travel such a long way for a meal like this and definitely not waiting in a 30-minute line.

Rating: 3/5

But then again...I'm not really a brunch junkie to begin with...So I don't think I am qualified to pass judgment on brunch cafes :p

Top Paddock 

Contact Number: 03 9429 4332
Address: 658, Church Street, Richmond

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