Wednesday, October 25, 2017

1 More Sleep Till D-Day

I can’t believe the BIG day is just 1 sleep away. Well, 2 sleeps technically. 1 last sleep in my own room and the next sleep in the plane!

Disappointing much, the BIG day has nothing to do with 21st birthday, engagement, wedding or whatsoever...but to me it's BIG because it's the day my dream come true after 7 years! 7 years of obsession, dedication, loyalty, unconditional love~ I'll be breathing the same air, stepping on the same ground, feeling the same sunshine, enjoying the same scenery as my hubby Yong Hwa oppa ♥

I love going to different places but plane rides really kill me. Every single time I go onto the plane, I feel that I need to do 100000 squats to undo the spongebob butt from those long hours...

After 7 years of dreaming about Korea, I am actually going! This is too surreal, to the extent that I don’t even know how exactly I am feeling…

 Excited? Nervous? Overwhelmed? Stressed?

A few days ago I was losing sleep big time. It felt as if I had a gazillion things flying around in my head in the middle of the night. I went to bed at 10.45pm, closed my eyes but I couldn’t sleep.

I tried to sleep but I could feel that it’s not “legit”. The next thing I knew, I opened up my eyes widely at 1.50am and jumped out of bed. No idea why I did that but my heart was beating really fast as if I just had 3 shots of vodka.

I thought to myself, “maybe because the room’s too messy and so my mood is being affected”. At 2am, I was tidying my room and hanging up my fresh laundry. When I was done I turned off the light and tried to go to bed, still couldn’t. FML big time.

By that time it was already 2.40am, so I went online trying to finish booking all of my accommodations for my Korea trip. Still…my heart was beating so fast that I felt that anytime it’d just jump out of my chest. I then tried to go onto Youtube to find some meditation music and things like that to calm myself down but it didn’t work. Frustrated much, I went to tidy the kitchen cabinet, at 3.40am!! Awesome shit!!

By the time I finished doing everything that I could possibly think of, I went to bed at 4.50am.

The next morning, I Whatsapp-ed Chernie and told her about this. She told me to go to the doctor as she said it MIGHT be a panic attack that I had from last night. I was like “WTF are you serious? Does that mean that I have a depression?" Alright, pardon me for not having scientific knowledge at all, but hey at least I do know what is a paramecium and that a cow has 4 stomachs!

Thankfully, my colleague Daniel who's studying Bio-Med assured me several times that those symptoms were common pre-travel issues, typically for me as a first-time solo traveller. Thank GOD!! Why did I not have such issues when I moved 90% of my possessions over the huge ocean and spent my 18th birthday on the plane alone with a laptop and the electric guitar that was too heavy to carry all around the airport... . .

So far, I have listed out the places that I want to visit while I am in Seoul but nothing at all for Busan. Told my mom about my anxiety and she shot me this message and it totally changed my perspective. Instead of dwelling upon ticking off all the boxes, she told me, "If you want to go to cafes in Korea, just go. You don't have to do all the touristy things and go to all places at once. Not that you wouldn't go back again!" Right, it's freaking Korea for crying out loud. If I could, I would be going back there every single year.

Nope, let me rephrase this in the typical Law of Attraction way: I will be going to back to Korea every single year. I am able to do that because I want to and I will make it happen!


To be drop dead honest, I really don't know what to expect from this trip. As much as I love shopping, I feel for this trip I just want to keep the crazy shopping to a minimal. On the contrary, I just want to take my time strolling around natural parks in Korea and go to cozy little cafes to write my journal/read, eat street food and take lots of photos! Also, I'll buy a Korean version of "The Little Prince" back!!!


It's been around 2 months or 2.5 months since I booked the trip. I wouldn't have the courage to do so without someone's encouragement in the first place. (Let's just call that person L) L prolly doesn't know this but I do take L's advice and words seriously because I admire and trust L entirely. If you are ever reading this L, I know I don't say it enough because I don't know how to...but thank YOU for always encouraging me to chase after my dreams and telling me that you are proud of me. Thank YOU for never trying to pave a typical path for me but watch as I grow and provide me sound advice whenever I turn to you for anything. Thank YOU for challenging me to get out of my comfort zone and to think outside of the box. You make me a better version of myself ☆ 

No matter how the journey will turn out to be, this will be MY trip. I saved up, planned and paid for everything on my own. This is a challenge and also a big adventure for myself. I don't know whether it would be as amazing as I have been picturing for 7 god damn years but I do believe that if you appreciate the little things in life, no matter where you are and what you are doing, there is always something in life to be grateful for :) Plus, the kimchi should be better on the other side with law of attraction on MY side! (hey, that rhymes!)

This time tomorrow I shall be sitting mindlessly at the airport on my own with my earphones. I bought sleeping pills for the flight, downloaded the old dramas that I am going to reminisce in the plane and also brought along a new book titled "The Lean Startup" - these ought to keep me occupied for the whole trip.

I haven't finished packing my bag because I'm still waiting for my clothes to dry up, so I'll take care of that tomorrow after work. I'll have 4 hours to pack up. Originally I wanted to blog about "What's My In Flight Essentials" and things like that which I love watching/reading about. Nosy me who loves to poke her nose into other people's bags! Oh well, I surrender since I am going to bring the things that only seem logical to myself and not to anyone else ><"

My priority list is definitely a mess when it comes to travelling. As long as I get things done, it doesn't matter how they were being taken care of :P Bet I inherited this pre-travel trait from my mom in the blood!

That's all for today, I'm going to be away from my laptop for 20 days...This is the longest time ever. Perhaps that's why I am anxious because my sense of security won't be with me for so long... Anyways, enough crap for tonight. The reason why I painstakingly wrote this blog post is to pour out my thoughts because I'm too lazy to put pen to paper and it'll be a shame if I didn't "document" the feelings and thoughts that I had on the night-before-I-fly. I'll come back and copy it by hand or print it out to stick into my travel journal in November.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rabbit Hole Cafe @ ABC Chicken on Queen Street

I haven't had a single cup of coffee for a week thanks to this damn sore throat. So, the only thing I can do now in bed is to blog about my last cup of coffee I had from 8 days ago. 

I caught up with Vera and made plans to go to another cafe last Saturday morning before I headed off to work. Initially the plan was to go to a cafe on Little Collins street but unfortunately it wasn't open. The two of us then wandered on the streets for a bit trying to find a decent cafe and it started raining. 

That's when we saw this cafe across the street that looked pretty small and cozy. Anything's better than walking around aimlessly in the rain, right? 

Once I entered this cafe, I told Vera that this should be a Korean coffee shop. 

I wasn't paying attention that this is actually ABC Chicken, a Korean chicken and beer restaurant. In the morning, the ground level serves as a cafe as the restaurant only opens at night. 

Speaking of which...I am really craving for Korean fried chicken right now ㅠㅠㅠ

If I did not have my breakfast at home that morning, I would've ordered this. I'll bring Chernie here with me next time. 

I ordered a medium size caramel cappuccino and Vera got a cup of chai latte. 

I can never say no to those flavoured coffees that are rare. What can I say, the Koreans do it better. Honestly speaking, Rabbit Hole Cafe serves rather decent coffee. The only downside they don't have cakes and the traditional Korean snacks, unlike my favourite Duri Cafe on Lonsdale Street.

I love coffee shops that go the extra mile to bribe me with a small biscuit. That's the little happiness of life :P 

Just a side note, if you don't have cash on you, this cafe charges a surcharge of 20 cents on both debit and credit cards. 

A quick catchup with a girl friend who I hadn't seen in a really long time's one of the best ways to start my Saturday mornings. I should start doing this more often with my girls x 

OMG 33 days till I head off to Korea!! So stoked!! I'm definitely going for lots of cafe runs in Korea, can't wait to meet up with Soomin 언니 to visit the coffee prince Lee Kangbin's cafe too!! 신난당~

Rabbit Hole Cafe

Opening Hours: 7am - 3pm daily
Address: 361 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Today's post is a relatively short one because I am feeling dead, the throat is really killing me. Wonder would I be able to survive work tomorrow....

Before I go, here's a nice Korean song that's not from the mainstream K-Pop artistes that I stumbled upon on Youtube. I have it on replay as I edit the photos for this blog post. This guy has a really smoothing voice ♥


Friday, September 15, 2017

Pulling Myself Out of A Rut

V shot me a message a few nights ago, "I know you had a shit day but I love u and always here for u girl".

She melted my heart. Big time ♥♥
The next day, she dragged me to a corner and said “talk to me”.

I wasn't downplaying nor lying when I told her I was alright. I mean, everything seems to be going OK in my life:
  • I passed my internal interpretation exam with the highest score in my class although I didn't study beforehand.
  • I was really blessed to be given the opportunity to be the branch manager when my manager's away. It's tough and tiring having to juggle both roles at the same time but I survived. 
  • Professional year's wrapping up this Sunday. After this Sunday, I can finally have a day off to myself BUT before that I have to prepare for a presentation which I have not started yet. It's so near yet so far!!! Can't wait to hit the Dior's exhibition with my friend next Sunday, the thought of having a day off is so surreal!! 
  • 6 weeks till my Korea trip 신난당!!!
The list above doesn't seem bad at all right? Despite all these good things, I was dreadfully exhausted - mentally and physically. 

Since the end of the last week, I fell into a rut. I would go home after work, eat crap instead of dinner, do no shit apart from scrolling through all the social media apps on my phone in bed. Gym routines were thrown out of the window. To make things worse, I started sleeping really late (what the fuck was I doing in bed scrolling away for hours), waking up late, stopped meal prepping properly as well as neglected my Midori bullet journal. 

That feeling sucks but it's like a mud swamp - once you're in it, you're so deep in it.


Anyway, the good news is that today's the first day that I'm sort of pulling myself together as a functional human being. 

Well, let's just disregard the fact that my diet's still severely damaged by the cookies in the office. Thanks Blacky for putting them in a glass container so I have to go through a mental tennis battle whenever I walk pass it. 

After tomorrow, I'm no longer the delegate branch manager anymore because the real boss is back on Monday. I just have to finalise some paperwork tomorrow and everything's done and dusted on my end. 

From the customers' perspectives, I was probably the least convincing bank manager of all time. A few customers came looking for the branch manager to voice their concerns and about some ridiculous requests and whenever I told them, "Yeah, I'm the manager, how could I help you?"

Immediately, this would be their faces. Without fail. To add more accuracy, imagine those eyes looking 45 degrees downwards because I'm just a dwarf to them. They must be thinking, "WTF is this kid doing and acting like she owns the place". Too bad nobody was there to capture those moments if not I would have owned a good memorable collection of memes by now. 

Tonight's Friday night. Alanis cancelled our dinner plan so I'm sitting at home writing this blog post.

So many years into blogging, I know for a fact that as painstaking as it is to sit my sorry ass down, think, type and edit photo, whenever I hit the "publish" button, it always gives me a sense of satisfaction. If I don't do it, I'd be returning to the mud swamp of doing nothing again. Also, someone challenged me to update my blog before the weekend, so here I am trying overcome my 'writer's block'. I didn't know what to blog about so I ended up doing a self-reflection on how I spent my last couple of  zombie-like days.

Here are some tips that helped drag me out of the ruts of life:

1. Write down the tasks to be completed and give yourself a 'time budget'
I am the biggest procrastinator when I'm in a rut. Instead of sitting there panicking and feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of things that are on your plate, write it down and take a deep breath. Look at the tasks and allocate a certain amount of time for each task. I often use the length of song to tell myself that "it's not going to take that long" so it's much easier to convince myself to stop being lazy like Homer Simpsons.

2. Be realistic
Instead of writing a whole chunk of Sisyphean tasks to accomplish in one day, be realistic about how much you actually get done. It's absolutely alright to get them done in 'installments' because what matters the most is getting them done eventually. Of course, for the tasks with deadlines, you gotta be realistic in meeting the due dates too.

3. Do some mindfulness practice
Take some therapeutic time off for yourself by journaling, meditating or even snuggling in bed with soft music and scented candle burning. The Chinese believe that "taking a rest is to go for a longer path".

4. Workout
It's going to be hard especially when you are already in a rut. No sugarcoating attempts here.

Nevertheless, trust me, when the workout's over, you'd feel like you have conquered the world!

5. Eat healthy

The deeper I am in my rut, the more junk I eat. This is an evil cycle. Regardless of how shitty you are feeling, don't forget to put in good fuel into your body. A good breakfast is bound to kickstart your day in a more positive note ☼

Here's my other Instagram account where I post my occasional Insta-worthy healthy dishes @fionfeeds

6. Sleep early and wake up early

I love the idea of waking up early, getting things done in a world that seems to belong to me and only me, especially the feeling of having a long day than everyone AND not forgetting being able to have the chill time to enjoy my breakfast. This sounds perfect but it's not achievable when I sleep at 1.30am. I still struggle to sleep early so I am in this mission where I set an alarm at 10.30pm for every single night (Cinderella has a later night out than me, wtf). In this case, even when I procrastinate to get ready for bed, it wouldn't be past midnight.

7. Tidy, tidy, tidy
Declutter and clean up your space because your environment affects your mood. It also keeps your headspace clutter-free. Whenever I wash my bedspread, vacuum and sanitize my carpet and wipe everything down. I feel very refreshed and happy and energized! #auntylife

8. Find YOUR motivation
Be it fitness, finance, meal prep...Whatever you strive to do, it is so important to find motivation or people who you look up to/can share your journey with. This will help in bringing you one step closer to your goal. So dig away on Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest and etc! You get the gist.

9. Get small treat for yourself throughout the day

For me, these days I'm incredibly obsess with coffee. Not too sure whether this is a good thing or bad thing but I'm trying to cut down my caffeine intake by alternating between strong cappuccino and chai latte.

Okay so my 10.30pm alarm is going off, I gotta brush my teeth and rewind from my laptop. Gotta drag myself up for a workout in the morning before I head out for a coffee session with my girl friend and then work!

Good night world xx 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

2017 So Far

It's been 6 months since I last blogged. Little did I know 6 months could fly just like that *snap*

Looking back, it definitely feels more than 6 months.

So much was going in my life in the past 6 months and it wasn't till 3 Saturdays ago I had my first ever no-schedule day all to myself.

Here's my biggest attempt to recap everything.

January 2017 caught me off-guard when the Aussie government suddenly increased the minimum points required for their skilled migration visa applications. Since then, everything was just a hot mess. 1 week before I headed back home to Malaysia to visit my family, I made two major decisions - enrolled in the Professional Year programme and the Naati paraprofessional interpreter exam.

To be honest, looking back, I have absolutely NO idea how did I manage to afford paying for all these let alone surviving through them. Those two cost me more than 10 grand - I paid every single cent on my own.

But, what else can I do? I really want to get the permanent residency in Australia. Thus, the only solution was to suck it up and hustle through.

Right after I got back from Malaysia, I enrolled in another external course that prepped me for the Naati parapofessional interpreter exam. That took place on every Saturday from 10-5pm. On the other hand, the Professional Year programme runs every Sunday from 9-5pm. I was, still am working full time from 8.30-5pm from Monday to Friday and occasionally a few Saturday shifts.

Believe me when I say this, anytime, anywhere, I'd choose work over exams and studies!

Right after Naati exam ended, it was the time to get my shit together and study for the level CFA exam in June which I enrolled last year when I got my first ever paycheck.

CFA was really hectic. By this time, I was at the brink of going insane. Not too literally but you get the gist of it... I love working in banking and finance in real life but when it comes to studying for a Finance exam, I'll sum it up in one word: SUICIDAL. I was never good at Finance exams. Although things made more sense this time around considering that I have been in banking for quite a while, I didn't have the fire of passion burning in me.

On top of that, I had to find a new place to move. Because most of my friends had renewed their leases at the start of the year and also because most friends moved back to their home countries after graduation, there's basically nobody whom I could see as a potential flatmate. The last resort was to go onto or whatever random websites and put myself out there to find a potential flatmate. For me, this was the most pathetic and desperate situation that I got myself into, EVER. I was disgusted to my bone marrow! It's the feeling of begging your ex ex ex ex boyfriend to patch back with you.

I started to recognise the fact that having a full time job is not good enough. Working hard is not hard enough. Everything's stagnant. Being so tied up by a crazy schedule indirectly made me complacent and lost focus in life because my goal switched to completing everything on the schedule and that's a happy day! I felt as if the whole world was going to collapse on me. As if I had a thousand invisible dementors around me sucking my soul out of me. I was lost but also dead, in the inside. "Stucked", "quarter-life crisis" or whatever you label it - that's the situation where I was in, though my personal description would be "FUCKED".

Thankfully, I was blessed enough to transfer to another workplace within the same company. The day when I was told that, I was so goddamn happy and I felt like a tiny beansprout that just had his "breakthrough" to the first exposure of sunlight after being in a bean for ages.

I did consider skipping the exam because the idea of hustling through and "try your luck, who knows what the outcome will be" scared the shit out of me, big time. Perhaps suffocating is the better word choice. Still...after a few cry-babe sessions and tonnes of whinging, I continued with my studies.

Right before the CFA exam, the paraprofesional interpreter results came back and I failed by 2 marks! Fuck my life big time. At that time, I didn't even know what should I feel. I didn't cry, to my very own astonishment, because I didn't even have the time to register the fact that I failed the exam that could potentially cost me to be thrown out of Australia in my head.

Very quickly, I submitted a request to have my Naati results reviewed BUT I also decided to place all my bet on the table by enrolling in the "internal" Naati at the same time as my backup plan because I couldn't afford to sit around and waste for things to happen. I have come too far to bear this risk by not going all out.

For those who don't know, the "internal" Naati is just like a diploma. Unlike the official Naati exam where you figure things out on your own and sit for the exam with all fingers and toes crossed that you could successfully pass it, "internal" Naati is basically like enrolling in a 1 unit of subject at college. You have to go to classes, submit assignments, fulfill in-class assessments and etc. This cost me 3.2K...

Adulting life is struggling to find a way to pay everything you have to pay, priotize your payments and trying to squeeze out some money for savings.

I guess the saying "the bitter has to come before the sweet" is legit because one of my friends suddenly texted me and asked "are you still looking for an apartment because I'm thinking of moving out". Fast forward through those apartment hunting shit and trying to sweet-talk the property agents to let me secure a place without having to go for an inspection, I finally sorted out the lease of our new place.

Then, for the next few weeks, my life consisted of 3 things ONLY - work and CFA and a list of miscellaneous to-dos.

Miraculously...I managed to walk out of the CFA exam hall alive.

Reaching for the remote control to fast forward things again, after CFA, I finally had the time to get my nails, eyebrows and facial done and had my first ever shopping in 2017. The rest of the time was spent decluttering and packing.

5th July I moved into the new apartment and spent around 1 or 2 weeks trying to put the place together. Then the Naati results came back with a PASS!! I was sick at that time but with the "PASS" in hand, I rolled out of the bed regardless and headed to the "internal" Naati to withdraw myself from their exams and also to submit my EOI (expression of interest) for my Aussie permanent residency visa.

Just when I thought that it's time for me to slowly reap what I sowed, I failed CFA. Found out about this at 4am and balled my eyes out. Eventually I went to work with black smokey eye makeup to work so I could cover up my goldfish eyes.

Technically speaking, I consider this the very first time I fail an exam in my 23 years of life. It hit me hard but at the same time, I didn't have the desire to do it again even though I believe if I were to do it again I would be able to pass it this time...Just that...I don't know, I can't picture myself doing it anymore, at least not in the near future. I want to stop having something hanging behind my head and waking up everyday living from one to-do list to another to-do list.

After I talked to a few friends about it, I decided to hide it from my mom first because I knew deep down that I wasn't ready to do it again and I was so petrified at the thought of her telling me to re-do it again. As much as it kills me hiding things from my mom (I'm the worst at lying to mommy since I was a kid), I also knew that I'm old enough to make decisions on my own and bear with the consequences of my choices. Nevertheless, at this point of my life, I really do not have the tiniest bit of desire to work on something just because I have to but not because I want to.

Although I feel apologetic towards my mom, I am not really sorry. On the contrary, I'm ultimately thankful to her when she told me to retake IF I'm ever ready to do it again myself. Also, thankful that she is starting to treat me like an adult.

As a pick-me-up, I plunged myself into building something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time. While I felt stuck in life earlier this year, I decided to start an online business.

I was, still am pretty clueless with whatever I am doing but I know after all these crap that I went through in the past 1.5 years, I want to do something for myself. Owning a business has always been a fascinating idea of mine. I want to create something that represents me and that belongs to me. Something that its value is way beyond success or failure - because it's something that I build from scratch myself and nobody can take it away from me.

Something like the fox that the Little Prince tamed and the rose that he took care of on planet B612.

I'm stoked to share that I'm building a clothing ecommerce store and it's launching really soon!!!!!

Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when the shop goes live!!!

Here's a little sneak peak - the first ever product that I've introduced to anyone!

Basically, this is a one-girl show. I'm the purchaser, the photo editor, the designer, the admin, the photographer ... EVERYTHING. I am putting my heart and soul into it but I am also blessed with many talented and smart people around me who have helped me in the process of putting together this big puzzle. The process would've been horrendous without you all!!!! You guys know who you are and ya all know that I love you from the very bottom of my heart 

Another thing to share is that...I also decided to chase the dream that I have been putting off for 7 years! 7 goddamn years!

Looking back I can't believe why on earth did I put off a dream for THIS long!!!

One of the most surreal shits that I have experienced in my life. I swear I was at the brink of bursting into tears. All these years of "BIG TALKS", finally...I am going to Korea!!!!! FOR HALF A MONTH!!!!! 

7 years of waiting for THE PERFECT moment to go to Korea, I decided to not wait any longer. If you know me through social media or in real life, I am a huge Korean fanatic since I fell for Jung Yong Hwa oppa in 2011 and thus I fell in love with Korea, the place where my man lives! I'm going to be stepping on the same piece of land with him AHHH ♥

Perfect moments never exist in real life, what we can do is to take the leap of faith and create moments as perfect as possible ourselves. Many things in life are now or never, so don't wait anymore. Let things free fall and have faith in yourself along the way. 

I know it's easier said than done but going through life is not an easy process, thus when we come across anything that we desire, make sure to believe in yourself and work hard for it. Despite the fact that results are not always guaranteed, you will be surprised by what life has to offer - it might not be right away but someday it will. I believe it that. 

For me, although it took 7 years, this is also the first time I'm travelling solo and one thing that I am proud of is that despite paying for my rent, insurances and all these exams and list of crazy stuffs that I listed above, I am still able to afford to save a decent amount to go on this trip!

Dear Mom, IF you are reading this and before you get mad, I'd layover for a night in Malaysia to chill with you for a day or two before heading back to Melbourne!! 

2017 had been crazily stressful for me for the past 7 months but now I accept the fact that the power to change things around and create a life that I want lies within my own hands and nobody else's.

Choosing to do something that you want and believing in it is just like growing a seed. You can't control the sunlight, the air or other factors but make sure that you are putting your best effort in doing whatever you can to nourish it and have faith that it will bloom beautifully one day.

Fingers crossed for the luck to be on my side!!! AND YOUR SIDES TOO!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gold Museum - Ballarat Trip (Part 1)

Finally I’m sitting down here to blog about my Ballarat trip which we went in November last year. Ever since I saw the photos of Ballarat, well Souvereign Hill to be specific, I knew I had to go there. It's a place where you'd feel as if you just hopped onto a time machine and travelled back in time to the 1850s!!! I'm not going to spoil the surprise here as I'm going to have a whole long blogpost on Souvereign Hill itself, stay tuned :P

After I finished my PTE test, I knew I had to go on a getaway trip. My life was incredibly crazy at that time and I really wanted a break to go somewhere far where I could just forget about everything else behind my head. Since Chernie was on her short semester break before the commencement of her summer subjects, we decided to just go to Ballarat to our Saturday and Sunday there. It’s our first time travelling together as well so we were very excited!! Plus, it’s time for us to bring our new cameras out for an adventure too!

The original plan was to travel there by V-line and get around the city and Souvereign Hill by taxi or Uber. However, after working out the Maths we realised it’s not really cost-effective. Then, we found a cheaper and more convenient option. To weigh the pros and cons:
Plan A - going there on our own 
-tram fees to get to Southern cross station for V-line $3.8
-V-line ticket (1 way) approx $14
-cab fare to get to Souvereign Hill approx $15-20

-Souvereign Hill and Gold Museum tickets $54
Biggest advantage: Having all the freedom to do whatever we want without having to take anyone else into consideration
Biggest downside: Having no where to put our luggage

Plan B - going there with a tour
inclusive of transporation, Souvereign Hill and Gold Musuem tickets $68 + $4 tip for the tour guide
Biggest advantage: We'd arrive right in front of the Gold Museum and wouldn't need to purchase our tickets in a queue. We could opt to drop out from the tour at any point of the day to follow our activities but the other travel destination (ie a visit to a winery) would
 not be refunded.

Eventually, we went with PLAN B. Thinking it's the easier way out! 

In summary, our travel itinery will be something like this:

Day 1:
Get on the bus at Lonsdale Street >> Gold Museum >> Souvereign Hill >> our AirBnb place >> Dinner at Pizzeria >> Recharge for the next day

Day 2:
Breakfast at a local cafe >> Lake Wendouree >> Tour the Ballarat City >> Lunch >> Back to pick up luggage >> To train station to go back to Melbourne city

After rambling about this trip for so long, now we are finally in the tour bus.

It took about 1-1.5 hours to get there. I didn't keep track of the time because I was too busy Snapchatting away.

Our first stop was Gold Museum

The Gold Museum acts as the extension of the majestic story of the city of gold, Sovereign Hill in the 1850s.

The tour guide told us the story about how the migrants arrived in Victoria and started the gold mining business.

The gold museum's not really big. Prolly around 45 mins will suffice.

Golden nuggets. Can I just have one of these and I wouldn't need to work forever.

This light house kinda thing's really amusing in the middle of no where.

We were not allowed to take any photos in the souvenir shop of the gold products so I could only take a photo with the lavender teddy bear. The souvenir shop sells a great selection of fine jewelry and giftware BUT my advice is not buy any souvenir BEFORE you head to all of the souvenir shops in Sovereign Hill. Just in case you'd have to carry all the shopping items around. 

Gold Museum Ballarat
Bradshaw St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350
(03) 5337 1107

Next stop to Souvereign Hill! There will be crazy lots of photos coming up stay tuned!