Sunday, May 1, 2016

Follow Me to Fitzroy, Melbourne

A couple of weeks ago, I took a long walk with my homie Chernie to Fitzroy. The weather's good and it's a great workout for us while saving our tram money #thriftylife.

We took a lot of photos and videos which I compiled into a full video as we made our way there. We went into little lane ways to take photos of the graffiti. Also our visit to a vintage market called the Evelyn Rooftop Market and a designers' market called the Rose Street Market. 

Here are the shots that I took during our day trip to Fitzroy~

Cardigan - Cotton ON
Crop Top - Valley Girl
Jeggings - Uniqlo
Sneakers - New Balance
Satchet - Paul's Boutique

I had a lot of fun that day and I'm currently planning to do similar blog posts like this in the upcoming future because I'd get to use this as a legitimate reason to go on adventures :p So be sure to stay connected...

I wonder where am I taking you guys to next time? :) 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Story of Journaling

Ever since I was a kid, I had always had this insane obsession with stationery. I guess my mom needs to be given credit for this because she used to buy me a lot of cute stationery whenever she went on a business trip. There was once when she went to Hong Kong and she returned with a huge pile of pens, rubber stamps, stickers, pencil cases and rulers. So, growing up, I had excessive stationery lying in my house. I didn't own a lot of toys but I sure did own a massive amount of stationery and other adorable collector items.

When I first started this blog, my only intention was to make it an outlet for myself. I didn't care about anything or anyone, it's purely for my own personal sake. However, as time goes by, this blog grew and I had to filter some things out which can't and shouldn't be put online because I realised that I will be the one accountable for the things I have chosen to put in public.

I tried opening another blog which was completely private and that didn't really work for me because whenever I was blogging there I would be thinking "if I have the time to blog here and ramble here, why don't I just devote this time into my original blog" and I would just give up on everything.

When my beloved darlings Daphne and Chanwon started sharing their passion for journaling, I started to dig deeper into it...Long story short, I fell in love with it.

To some people, like Chanwon mentioned, this habit of journaling would seem to be a useless thing to do and it's a waste of time. Why bother sitting down and taking out your so called planner or diary because we aren't Anne Frank anyway :S

However, after fumbling my way through this journey of journaling, I have started to love it.

Journaling is a really nice and sentimental way to keep your memories. Nowadays, people don't print out photos anymore, let alone penning down the stories behind those photos. At first when I started to do this, it's like a chore to me especially when I was falling behind on some days...Nevertheless, no matter what, as long as I pushed myself to replace those diary entries, the feeling of satisfaction is insanely AWESOME. Page by page as you flip through, those memories are so vivid and you get to relive that very moment.

The ironic part for me is that since I have a blog, then what's the point of me writing down my memories in a diary? Let me assure you, it's really different. Yes, you get to share whatever you want on your blog but there are things that are inappropriate / personal / irrelevant to be put into a blogpost. Just because it's interesting to me, it doesn't mean that it will be interesting to everyone, especially those inside jokes that I share with my friends. Sometimes, it's pointless. So, those things will go into my diary.

Journaling also keeps my life organised. I implement the bullet journal method because that's the first system that I came across under the recommendation of Chanwon and I am glad that it's working for me :D I was skeptical at first because the very last time I had a to-do list, I was at the age of 9 - I had my very last notebook which I used to jot down what homework I had for that particular day and what books to bring to school the next day. That's it. After that, I just went on memorising everything in my brain - which thankfully didn't really fail me often HAHA! Of course, being a human, I would have a system glitch once a while but overall it worked surprisingly well.

However, as I went into university, I realised that life's not like high school anymore. There are no teachers who will keep an eye on you all the time and check on you on regular basis, you need A LOT of self-discipline, motivation, organising skills and time management skills to get your shit together. Things could be overwhelming one day and the other day it would seem like there's nothing major going on at all. Hence, that's when I started to return to my journaling habit.

I made this mental rule and promise to myself - if I write something down on my planner, then I must get it done no matter what. Being an OCD, I love to cross out the boxes on my to-do list. What's the point of having a to-do list if you don't get the satisfaction and accomplishment of crossing things out?

In addition to that, I find journaling's a good way to unplug myself from the digital devices. If it wasn't for my journal, I don't think I would even bother looking away from the computer screen. I basically read, blog, eat in front a screen all day err day. But, when you have a journal, it's like having a puppy, you have to add "walk the puppy" in your daily routine and that's the same thing for journaling. It gets things off my brain. I love writing it with some soft music in the background and my scented candle burning by the side - it's therapeutic.

Right now, I have been living up to my habit of journaling for nearly 1.5 years and I am glad to say that I'm enjoying it. It's a passion that not a lot of people can relate to but at the same time, I have found myself a good bunch of friends who love journaling and it's a topic that we can go on and on for hours. It's a journey that you will love once you are on board, if not, you will be judging from afar and that's alright!

From now onwards, I will try my best in composing more blog posts regarding my journaling journey which will include a lot of handwriting, stickers, sticky notes, rubber stamps, washi tape and last but not least my Midori Travelor's Journal which I love very dearly.

If you are a planner / stationery lover like me, by default, we are friends :D YAY! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Wearing A Cartoon Tee as An Adult #OOTD

I am that kind of person who wears cartoon graphic tees out on the street despite being in my 20s. NO SHAME. NO GUILT. 

In fact, I don't get it when my friends tell me "OMG, How old do you think you are, still wearing this type of shirt?"

"Hello...If I don't wear this type of cartoon tees when I'm in my 20s and when I still am able to pull it off, then should I wear it when I'm in my 50s. I wear it when I still LOOK YOUNG and I AM young!"



Of course, you HAVE TO know when is the right occasion for this type of outfit and then you wouldn't have to worry about how people are judging you. BY DEFAULT, you will know that this is not something that you will wear to work, for a job interview or a candlelight dinner at an Italian restaurant [DUH]

Once in a while, I think it is important to unleash your inner child. Just like what the Little Prince taught me "All grown-ups were once children but only few of them remember it". I personally would not want to forget it because it's who I was and still plays a part of who I am today. 

I got this Pikachu crop top from eBay as it's only less than 5 AUD (including free delivery) - I couldn't say 'NO' to it because it's too adorable to resist. 

The first time I wore this top was to attend the Moomba Festival (read more HERE). 

An exciting night out to a fun-fair and fireworks. It's too appropriate :D 

I paired it with a pair of denim shorts and Converse. You can never go wrong with shorts and sneakers. They are the symbols of youthful and casual and fun! 

Adding on a black choker to finish off the look. Choker is another new IN thing that doesn't seem to go wrong. It goes well with my Pikachu shirt and even my chiffon blouse and lace tops. So far, it's very universal. 

A close-up look to my beloved Bart Simpson converse. HOW CUTE IS HE!!! 

Please excuse all the dirt around my sneakers! 

Me and my homie actually have matching tees and sneakers. 

She's Squirtle and I'm Pikachu! It's OUR thang you know~~

Her sneakers also matched with mine, I actually bought it for her when I got my part-time barista job 2 years ago~

She's Homie and I'm Bart.
ANDDDD...I have to emphasise that her sneakers are cleaner than mine is because she hardly wears them and I wear it MUCH MORE OFTEN - It's not that I'm dirty!

Ending this blog post with a candid goldfish face!

Have a nice weekend ahead! Till next time~ 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Moomba Festival 2016, Melbourne [With VLOG]

Moomba Festival's a very Melbourne thing! Organised by the City of Melbourne, Moomba Festival's a community festival with a huge variety of fun activities and events running for several days in March annually at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens on the banks of Melbourne's iconic Yarra River.

This year, Moomba Festival started on the 11th of March and ended on the 14th.

I accompanied my homie there because we had nothing major to do on that Saturday night. And since I missed out on Melbourne's New Year's eve fireworks display, I wanted to "have it replace back for free". HAHA


If you are too lazy to read, feel free to scroll all the way down :P

Since I am really bad with games, I decided to not waste my money to try winning a big fat plush home (plus, where should I put it in my small bedroom HAHA)

This stall had my favourites - My Little Pony & Simpsons *SCREAMS*

Haunted house - prolly something that attracted me to but I was too chicken to go in. 

The last time I was in a haunted house was when I was 10 at the Universal Studios in LA and I literally had my eyes closed all the way...

Also too chickened out to get on rides...

The main reason I came here was for the sake of free fireworks ^^ 

It's all worth it xD

Well...Because I didn't have any main thing to do at the Moomba Festival, I decided to take some shots and some video snippets instead of wandering around blindly. 


PS: I'm starting to love the idea of Vlogging as I find it quite a convenient and cute way to store my memories. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for more upcoming vlogs :) 

Feel free to check out my blog post on Melbourne's White Night (Video included too :3) 

Friday, March 18, 2016

My Favourite Office Looks

I was given the golden opportunity to team up with Betabrand to create a professional work attire themed blog post.

As a recent fresh grad, I am still in the middle of figuring out myself and slowly adapting myself into the 'working grownup world'. In the meantime, the very first thing I need to do is to stop buying more graphic sweaters and/or tees in order to make space for more professional looking work clothes in my closet.

For this collaboration, I came up with 2 different looks - the typical formal work attire and a smart casual wear.

For the formal office attire, I chose a white chiffon button-down top with a slight slit skirt. 

For a minimalist yet professional look, I prefer to stay on the safe side by choosing black and/or white outfits. Well...I am not Elle Woods to begin with, let's not try to be too unconventional :p 

I personally love skirts with a little slit by the side as I feel it gives a little sexiness to the plain black skirt. In addition, skirts above the knees create the illusion of longer legs too.
I chose to keep my accessories minimal by only wearing a silver watch - deliberately removed all the fancy rings that I used to wear on daily basis when I was back in university.

I went with a blue pair of heels to add a pop of colour to the whole look. Blue is another safe choice I guess without being too shocking. 

As for the bag, I went with a nude coloured satchel which can go with pretty much any outfit - be it casual or formal.

On the other hand, for the smart casual look, I focused more on comfy dressing by replacing heels with sneakers and traditional dress pants with jeggings.

I went with a pair of Converse sneakers, dark blue jeggings, a chiffon top and a thin blazer. Guess what, apart from the blazer, this is actually my very typical #ootd for non-summer days.

PS: I don't know about you but I love blazers or jackets with padded shoulders as it gives a smarter look...However, my mom told me this taste of mine's a little old-fashioned :/

The blazer's an optional piece as I only put it on to avoid the OVER casual feel of the look.

In the new age of comfy dressing, Betabrand has a wide range of women's pants which you could check out here. Their yoga pants that resemble your conventional formal dress pants might be something that you could consider in adding to your wardrobe - since nobody would be able to tell whether you are in your yoga pants or dress pants anymore :p

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

First Sunrise Watching In Melbourne

In conjunction with my previous post on the White Night Melbourne 2016, here's a blogpost of Melbourne's sunrise from that fine morning :) 

Well, I don't usually wake up before the break of dawn, that's why the sunrise meant A LOT to me and it deserves a blogpost on its own HAHA! 

Location for sunrise watching: the Princess Bridge, right across the Flinders Street Station

What a wonderful view with the flock of birds flying and chirping away as the sun slowly made its way up. 

Lovely couples were there to watch the beautiful sunrise too. I like to sneakily take photos of couples who were into doing the small little things together regardless of what time it is and where it is~ It's as if you can feel their love through every single shot ☺

Sadly none of my friends would wanna wake up at such godly hour to watch the sunrise with me :/ HAHA 

Nevermind, I have started to like the idea of being a loner sometimes. 

Watching the sun slowly made its way up...

I couldn't help feeling amazed by how much wonder the Mother Nature provides to us. How I wish I could have the determination to get up this early everyday to witness this spectacular view. 

It seemed like my day had become longer than the people who were still asleep.
Don't get fooled~ That's just a statement that I came up with to convince myself that waking up and braving the cold was all worth it somehow :p

Saw some hot air balloons in the sky as I made my way home from my morning adventure :) 

Gonna look forward to watching the next sunrise in Melbourne from a different location...Hopefully by that time I would've owned a better camera to take better shots of the sunrise :D ARGHHHH CAN'T WAIT TO LAY MY HANDS ON THE PANASONIC LUMIX GX-7!!!!