Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We Met After 1 Year & 2 Days [WITH VIDEO]

We all have that friend who you don't text every day and don't meet very often, but in our hearts, we know that deep down, that person is no doubt one of the very best friends that we don't wanna lose.

This girl who used to be a blogger whom I looked up to as a silent reader has now become a really dear friend of mine > Chanwon Tan from www.chanwon.com

I suppose I don't need to do any further introduction about her since she is so famous already ^^ You have no idea how grateful I was when we started becoming friends on Facebook. At first I thought the 2 of us would be like those "friends" on Facebook who would never have any interactions at all, but I was wrong. Although we don't text 24/7, we still do text pretty often (I text her more often than I text my own buddies who I grew up with :p) and we tell each other problems that we have in our lives despite the fact we only see each other ONCE every year.

Yes, you read that right, it's only ONCE every year because we are separated in 2 different countries, which I guess is more than 1000 miles away!

Meeting her is something that I look forward to every time when I come back to Malaysia from Melbourne. My to-do list when I am in Malaysia will always include MEETING CHANWON & EAT WAN TON MEE! HAHAHA sorry girl, your position in my heart is parallel to wan ton mee :p (HAHA joking joking~)

I spent my very last 2 days of 2014 with Chanwon babe with lots of fun and girl talks ^^ (even though the last day was a mere 2-3 hours, it meant A LOT to me)

Thank you Chanwon babe for driving all the way from Seri Kembangan to accompany me in Subang ♥

Instead of meeting at a shopping mall or cute coffee shops, I asked Chanwon to come over to my god brother's house (because I was staying there) so that we could do a song cover together! WHEEE!!! After having lunch at Secret recipe, we headed back for real work :3

This is my girl focusing on her work!

I played the role of a "musical director" for her solo song cover which I believe she will be uploading it to her Youtube in the near future. 

And, we also did a cover of a Chinese song together. To be really honest, I didn't really have the confidence to do a Chinese song cover because my housemate told me that my Chinese pronunciation is weird >< But, this time, I THINK I managed to pull it off?!?! @@

We did the recording first and then recorded a video in 1 freaking take lip syncing to our voice. So please pardon us if the voice didn't really match the video very accurate because it was a crazy rush! HAHA

Yet, it was incredibly fun!!!!! She's such a good and confident singer!!! Every time when I do a song cover, I would record it nearly over 5 or 6 times before uploading to Youtube. For Chanwon, the most she needed was only 2 times!!!

The next day we had Subway for lunch and I helped Chanwon take her #ootd :p HEHE

And we took a lot a lot of Polaroids as memory ♥


I wonder when will I see her again?! Gonna miss you lots~~

Quote to share: Take a chance, it is the best way to test yourself, have fun and push boundaries ~Richard Branson

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Memory Lane of 2014 & 2015 resolutions

In a blink of eye, 2014 has already come to an end. I would say that this year had been a pretty dramatic, happening as well as fruitful for me. I admit, I have grown up, well...a little I SUPPOSE~

Throughout this year, I cried, I laughed, I was exhausted, I felt like giving up on everything and just ran away to a place where nobody knows me...From all the ups and downs, I realized, no matter how big a problem is or how stressful the situation seems to be, it will all be over as long as you hang in there.

And here I am, writing this post in 2015 as a proof that I have survived 2014! Yes, I'm still human!

Here's a recap of the big memories from 2014~

The biggest change of 2014 was the fact that I have started to love the idea of having a housemate. I never thought that I would like having someone in the same house as me because I didn't have the confidence that I could live peacefully with someone when I have to face her for nearly 24/7 everyday in Melbourne. BUT....I now feel weird when my housemate was not at home. Company, now plays a very important role in my life. Although we don't have the same personality (in fact, it's pretty much the exact opposite, apart from our love for music - yet we have different taste in music HAH), we enjoyed the time searching for recipes from Google and trying them at home, exploring more Korean restaurants around Melbourne, watching crazy Youtube videos and laughing like mad during dinner time etc. Small little things which may not seem to be significant or special to the others, but in my eyes, for someone who had lived her life for 20 years with nobody at home apart from her mom, I would see that this is something that I did out of my absolute comfort zone. And yes, I love every bit of it, and thank you Bitch~ I shall bombard you with more higher-leveled bullshits in 2015.

I got my barista certificate! Yes, I can finally cross this out from my 2014 resolutions (It's #17). Who wants me to make them a cup of coffee? My specialty is cappuccino! HAHA I also learn how to drink coffee because I had to taste my own coffees :p

I also got a job at one of my favourite shops in Melbourne. I have been living in Melbourne for 3 years and whenever I pass by THAT shop I would tell the person who's shopping with me (or if I was alone, I would tell myself in my heart) "How nice would it be to be able to work in that cute little cafe). 3 years later, I'm working there. It's not a high paying job, but I love my colleagues and my bosses are not scary, so going to work is not dreadful for me. I actually enjoyed it most of the time apart from the moments when I had to deal with insanely unreasonable customers >< I also learn how to do simple decorations on cakes ^^

 With my salary that I got from working part-time 3 or 4 times a week, I could finally have a taste of buying my own prize possessions with the money that I earned with my own fucking hands. Hell yeah, that feeling is good!!! For my first salary, I bought my mom a swarovski necklace and a pair of earrings for my grandmother. And I also got myself a pair of Converse - it has Bart Simpsons on it!!! WHEEEE~~ I also bought a lot of things which I could only dream of having since a few years ago such as headphones, polaroid camera etc.

 I am now the treasurer of Melbourne University's Korean Society. Finally 1.5 years of hard work paid off~ I worked my ass off to get to where I wanted to be.

It suddenly happened that I can now type a little Korean and I can understand quite a lot by hearing and reading. I am now starting to learn to have the courage to speak in Korean so that I can improve. Once in a while when there were Korean customers coming into the cafe, I would try to speak to them in Korean.

I fell in love with B1A4. Thanks to the free tickets from my juniors. After being a K-Pop fan for 4 years with all my focus on CN Blue, now I have a new group to love! Jin Young is my 2nd love after Yong Hwa :p

Saw Alex Goot and Chrissy at their concert in Melbourne.

Went to Perth for the very first time with Mommy. That was a hella boring place (I thought Melbourne is already boring enough...) although the scenery was nice.

After watching a very inspiring video by Wengie (click here), I finally start to gather up my courage to do something I like. Ever since I was a kid, I have always liked singing and dancing. However, as I get older (sad~), the time I spent on dancing had reduced drastically because of the other commitments I have in life, but my love for singing had been brought to an even higher level. Too bad I'm not born with an amazing vocal or having any extraordinary music talents (I do play guitar, ukulele and piano, but I'm not great in any of them...I really failed in life), if not I would have been pursuing music right now. But, Wengie's video inspired me to just do it and fumble along the way. Starting something is better than not doing anything about it, that's what she taught me. So, I started my new Youtube channel (CLICK HERE), learnt audio recording and editing. Everything was new and pretty time consuming, but I am enjoying every second whenever I'm doing my Youtube things.

If you have a look at my 2014 resolution which I wrote back in 2013, #11 was to have a boyfriend (as I an idiot last year?), but now, this thing is not at all important in my life anymore. It would be a downright lie if I were to deny the fact that whenever I watch a Korean drama I wouldn't hope that I could find a guy who I can call my own, but for now, it's just not something which I shall include on my "resolutions of the year" list. I have learnt through a painful way that promises are just bullshits if they are not accompanied by actions in real life and sincerity. Thanks to you dude for this lesson and I'm so glad now that you are out of my life once and for all. Girls, nobody will treat you as a Queen, so why not be the Queen yourself!

After years of blogging, finally I received a few sponsors. Although I'm no where near my amazing blogger friends, I was really happy and honoured to be able to be approached by companies who like my blog :3

I also received a long e-mail from a reader for the first time. Charmaine, I am not sure whether you are reading this (I suppose with my crazy personality I would direct you here to read this) but I am really really really happy and proud of you to be able to finally to gather your courage to leave home for New Zealand. Do you know that when I was typing the reply for you, I was so incredibly touched? I was actually crying when I replied you *blush* I never thought that someone would actually ask me advice for such a big decision in life. Thank you for believing in me and not thinking that I was just bullshitting HAHA

Became real life good friends with a blogger - Vincci. I even asked her to come to my house for sleepover party and made her do my dishes WTF (well, I did cook lunch for her though)

I am now someone's god mother :p HAHA! My godsister Daphne Froggy (who I knew through blogging too) gave birth to a very cute little boy!!! I am his god mother!

The desire and rebellious intention of getting a tattoo is now out of my life already. I had been wanting a small but meaningful tattoo since I was 12 years old, but that day when I was working I saw a couple of tattooed old ladies came into the shop with some faded tattoos....I realized, I wouldn't want one anymore.

Cut my hair in Melbourne for the very first time at a Korean hair saloon. Cost me freaking 35 dollars~

Sent off a few seniors who went back to their countries for good. Come to think of it, I'm on my way to finishing my university life...That's why saying goodbyes is unavoidable as well :(

Bye 2014...You made me cry and laugh..I had a love-hate relationship with you but most of all, I am grateful for everything that you had contributed to make me a better person over a year.

THANK YOU *bows*
2015, be a really good one will ya~

As if this blog post is not long enough...Now I'm going to list out my 2015 resolutions :p

Although there were quite a lot of things that I didn't complete back in 2014, in 2015, hopefully I will be able to finish them :p


#2 Save 2000 AUD at least

#3 Be fluent in Korean - at least can read and understand most of the things

#4 Write down To-Do things in my Molang Diary every day

#5 Write down the memorable things that is going to happen in my 2015 in the diary given by Chanwon - hopefully it will be really interesting when I were to read back at the end of this year & jot down 1 thing that I am grateful for daily in the diary ;)

#6 Exercise at least once a week

#7 Blog at least once a week

#8 Upload 1 Youtube every fortnight

#9 Be a vegetarian at least once a month

#10 Get better at managing my time

#11 No leaving assignments or important tasks till the last fucking minute

#12 No more losing my tutorial sheets or lecture notes (get a huge notebook)

OMG, I'm graduating in less than a year!!!

Quote to share:
We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, it is to create something that will

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cover of "Winter Child 겨울아이" by Suzy 수지 (Miss A) - Dream High OST

Sorry to disappoint you, but unlike the other bloggers out there, I don't have anything much to share about how I spent my Christmas day. Celebrating Xmas is not a norm in my family to begin with anyway.

So, I spent most of my time in front of my laptop recording and editing a song for my beloved #trebleclef XIXI~

To be really honest, I am not really familiar with this song (even after I spent hours recording and editing it) and I seldom like singing such slow song. And on the other hand, because my neighbour is having some kind of renovation that involves a lot of annoying drilling and knocking, initially I thought it was impossible for me to record this cover. However, thankfully I managed to rush through this whole thing since it's a public holiday on Christmas! KEKE!

By the way, I never like tying my hair because my face looks like a HUGE pancake but because Xixi told me that she has never seen me with my hair away from my face, so I sacrificed for her.


My dear Xixi, Sorry to disappoint you.....

Now you know when I freaking tie up my hair, I look absolutely NOTHING like this ^

In fact, I really look hundred times worse than this ^


Anyway, hope you have an awesome day!

Love you forever! MUAKSSSS I'm really thankful that I met you through blogging. Like seriously, come to think of it, there are so many bloggers out there, but you, I would say, throughout this 1.5 year, you have been like a big sister to me. Although we don't chat everyday and we have never met in person before, you are someone who gives me the best advice that enlightens and cheers me up every single time without fail. I am forever looking forward excitedly to our meeting day! ♥

PS: I managed to find the video that you sent me during my birthday earlier this year HEHE! Here you go~

Quote to share:
In this world, there is not such thing as a worthless dream ~Jin Guk (Taecyeon from Dream High)

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cover of 2NE1 "Come Back Home"

It's been a hella long time since I last did a song cover. This time, my housemate and I decided to go all out with our music passion. Since the 2 of us love music so much but we don't get to pursue anything related to music, we thought "why not do everything ourselves and learn from Google and Youtube?"

That's why for this cover, unlike my previous ones, I actually recorded it on a real condenser microphone. As we haven't mastered the mixing techniques and haven't figured out how to play around the effects on Audacity and Adobe Audition (yes, first time being exposed to audio editing programs too~!), I chose an acoustic song, so I just had to record the raw vocal kekeke! So what you are about to listen below is my pure voice with no touch-ups or any additional sugar, spice and everything nice :p

After recording the vocal, I just shot a video with myself lip syncing to my own voice! You can't believe how amused I was while doing all these by myself~ Everything is so new and I felt like I've entered into a completely world.

PS: Ignore the super messy background. Since exams are around the corner, I can't be bothered to tidy my room just yet~

Anyway, I had fun doing this song. 2NE1 is my favourite K-Pop girl group. Before I was all gaga over the K-Pop industry, I was already listening to their songs and that was before I knew any other K-Pop artistes apart from Wonder Girls and Super Junior.

Come Back Home is also one of top favourite songs by 2NE1. Chaelin and Minzy are AWESOME!!!

I'm done blabbering HAHA....Have to go back to my studies :(

Do feel free to let me know what you think about this cover :) I HOPE I did justice to this song though.....

Behind the scenes! HAHAHA

Quote to share: I think you have to be who you truly are and love who you are ~Chaelin (CL from 2NE1) 

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Shin Dang Dong Tteokbukki

Today, I am going to introduce the WORLD's BEST TIDBITS/SNACK EVERRRR that I've ever tasted! Sincerely voted by me and my housemate as the number 1 delicious snack we have ever tasted in our 20 years' of lives (so, this is REAL deal!)

I'm just going to keep this blog post short and simple. My main aim is just to introduce this to you guys so you know that something THIS mouth-watering does exist and you should definitely give it a try :p


If you can't read Korean, just go into any korean grocery shop and tell them you are looking for "SHIN DANG DONG TTEOKBUKKI" and they will know what you are after ;)

Fun fact: Shin Dang Dong is a place in Korea that is very famous for its rice cakes.

This is how the packaging looks like.

This thing definitely beats potato chips, doritos, cookies, macarons, nachos....I don't need anything other snacks in my life anymore as long as I can have a lifelong supply of SHIN DANG DONG TTEOK!

OMG I'm at the brink of drooling all over my laptop keyboard! How can Koreans be so blessed with nearly literally everything - they have the best makeup products, best skincare, best music, best looking people, best fashion and best food!

Can I just migrate to Korea now please!

Eating this while studying makes studying less miserable! (well, studying Korean is an exception to any other form of studying though~)

Anyway, if you are living in Melbourne, you can find SHIN DANG DONG TTEOKBUKKI from Laguna (at QV) or KT Mark (on Elizabeth Street, opposite Queen Victoria Market)!

It's a MUST TRY!

I told my mom about how heavenly delicious this tteok is and she asked me to bring a big packet back to Malaysia for her to try (still cracking my head on how to prevent this thing from being squashed in my luggage!)

That's all for today~ If any of you have tried this before or you'll be trying them after reading this blog post PLEASE let me know~ HEHE

Quote to share: Love doesn't sit there like a stone, it has to be made; like bread: remade all the time, made new ~Og Mandino

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Discovering Bourke Street on Joey's Birthday

Sorry my dear Joey for this super belated blog post!!!

Come to think of it, I really don't know how Joey would end up being my very best gym buddy and motivation.

I knew Joey since 3 years ago because we were sitting on the same table during Maths class in college but we never talked much. I have NO idea how our friendship developed anyway :p

She has always been a very dedicated studier and very organized person and while me being the exact opposite, she's THE one who I look up to (though I could never reach her level :/). Most of the times I will drive Joey insane with my bullshit crap. Usually she's like a big sister looking over the crazy uncontrollable kid (i.e ME). I like the way when she says "OH MY GOD FION~", "AIYO FION", "FION GO STUDY" etc! HAHAH!

We aren't really close to each other. I guess because we have completely different group of friends and different interests. However, whenever we go to gym together, we will update each other about the big things that happen in our lives and discuss about the typical girl problems together. 

So that day was Joey's birthday and we went out to the city for some shopping.

That was actually the very first time I hung out with her alone OUTSIDE of the gym!

That morning, I had work and I took the chance to decorate a cupcake for Joey's birthday (too bad none of us took a photo of that :p).

I was Joey's fashion advisor that day (shamelessly claiming myself as one) because I helped her pick out a lipstick and a blazer from H&M.

Then, we went on to take lots of random photos around Bourke Street.

This is my favourite photo with Joey! Got a random person to take it for us. Joey saw the person walking by with a DSLR and she was like "Ask that person to take for us he looked like someone who could take good photo LMAO~"

Disclaimer (just in case my mom is reading this....) - that shopping bag is not mine!

Below are the photos that Joey took for me!

This place is called the ROYAL ARCADE. It has been there since 1869 as a hub between Bourke Street and Little Collins street!

I had always wanted a set of photo from this place for me to put on my blog and now thanks to Joey, you are looking at them!

My squirrel looking face :p

Not sure whether that can be considered as an eye smile?! HAHA

Now I have to seriously acknowledge the fact that Joey's actually a pretty good photographer, her shot made my face look small *smirk*

What's with the blur face Fion!

We also went to the famous graffiti street on Bourke Street!

A very typical #ootd shot!

This is one of my favourite style of all time. I like wearing long tank tops which cover half of my butt with a thin long chiffon cardigan!

Guess what, this whole outfit is actually made of really cheap things!

Tank top (from Factorie) 5 AUD
Cardigan (from eBay - my current favourite piece) 4 AUD
Shorts (from Bangkok market) around 4 AUD too
New Balance sneakers (my very first pair of NB) which I got for only 40 AUD! Love it to the max!

The pretty Joey!

Joey's #ootd taken by me :3

But first lemme take a selfie~

We also discovered a very cute toy shop in Royal Arcade. Not quite sure whether I should label that place as a toy shop or more of a Princess Shop because it's full of pink colour and cute things!

Not quite sure whether photos were allowed so we just randomly took some shots before we got shooed :p

Don't know whether we loved the mirror by the stairs or the decorations more! :p

Couldn't stop abusing the big size mirrors~

Initially I wanted to sit on the froggy chair but I hesitated worrying that my big butt would crash it into pieces ><

AHHHH found unicorn!!!

Joey was so excited when she found the crowns and insisted we take a photo with crowns on together but the crowns kept on dropping from my head and I eventually gave up wearing one.

These are 2 very rare faces I had ever seen on Joey's face! I love this cheeky Joey who's once in a blue moon not in her serious study mode! Don't get me wrong, I love her as my ultimate motivator, always. Just that I love the fact that I finally had the chance to see her cheeky side too!

Love you girl! Can't wait to hit the gym with you again next year ^^

Quote to share: Let us always meet each other with a smile for a smile is the beginning of l0ve ~Mother Teresa

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