Friday, September 25, 2015

Homemade Carbonara Spaghetti

I have always loved my #BADInfluence Erica's homemade carbonara spaghetti. However, both Chernie (my housemate - I nicknamed her!) and I had never gotten around to try making it from scratch. We always ended up buying the ready-made carbonara sauce from the groceries and that's the end of the story. 

When I saw one of my friends shared a homemade carbonara recipe on Facebook, I told Chernie we should try it out. Unfortunately, that night, she was caught up in school by her tutor till very late and I was already starving. Hence, I got up and started making it myself ^^ As expected...I constantly replayed the tutorial video!!! 

Here's the outcome!!!!! Couldn't believe I can actually make pasta from scratch!

Using My Little Pony from D.Cat as a prop!

Click HERE for the recipe (there's also a video tutorial)

PS: I didn't have pancetta at home, so I made use of the bacon that I had readily in the fridge instead.

Surprisingly this dish's super easy to make.

 If someone like me could succeed during the first time, then it's definitely not a problem to any one of you!!!!

Have fun cooking!!

I'm trying to create a series of #KitchenDiary featuring the food that Chernie and I make at home. Just for fun and creating memories together! HEHE! So stay tuned as Fion finally has the desire to want to learn MORE dishes! :p 

Monday, September 14, 2015

First Ever Clubbing Experience

My #BADInfluence Erica turned 20 years old 2 weeks ago. To celebrate her for not being in her teens anymore (evil grin), I finally gave in to her endless pestering since 3 years ago to go clubbing with her. 

I was insanely reluctant to go initially. However, on the other hand, I thought it was a good opportunity for me to experience clubbing in Melbourne when I'm still a student. YOLO~

Of course, I dragged my good-girl housemate Chernie to club too though the 2 of us knew beforehand that we wouldn't like it ><"

We had steamboat before we went to the club! Ate so much and I was so worried that I couldn't fit into my outfit. Well, I had to hold my stomach throughout the entire night WTF!

Shuwen's here for steamboat (because I deliberately invited her over to destroy her eat clean plan) and she watched me splat heaps of colours onto my own face :p 

Done with makeup!

Headed over to Erica's house for pre-drink and we played some card game (I lost big time!). Then we took Uber over to Alumbra in Docklands. 

Never been to Docklands so late at night. 

We were suppose to get free entry but we were late in checking in on Facebook by effing 2 minutes so we were required to pay $22 per person. Screw Erica for her god damn card game that delayed our time! :p

Here's to the birthday bitch Erica~!

Erica, Philo (Erica's housemate), Chernie (my housemate) and me

It's some kind like a double housemate-date!

According to Erica the dancefloor's not opened till 12am so we had 1 hour to kill. Bumped into one of my acquaintances from Uni so we hung out with her friends at the smoking area (oh god)

I HATE the smell of cigarette so being in there was a torture for me. People smoking and sharing shisha disgusted me and Chernie A LOT. 

At the end of the day, the 2 of us went to one quiet corner and had our usual bullshit talk while scrolling through Instagram and taking selfies.

Okay so it has been proven true (at least in Fion's POV), putting on makeup and walking in heels out of the house in the cold wind at night at 10pm is NO FUN AT ALL! After 1 experience, I know very well, I won't want to try it out again. Even snuggling at home watching Youtube makeup gurus is a gazillion times better than this. 

Erica, my one and only visit to club was merely for your sake. Be appreciative bitch! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

[Tutorial] Raw Sugar Lip Scrub

One life changing habit that I have developed after living in Melbourne for 4 years is that I can't leave the house without bringing a lipbalm along with me!!!!!!!!

The cold and dry weather in Melbourne always leave me with dry lips. Sometimes, it is so dry to the extent that even smiling is painful. 

I haven't gotten around to try out those famous lip masks from Korean brands. I heard that they are a bomb nowadays, even Michelle Phan featured them in her videos and blog posts too. However, the sad thing is....these are very hard to find in Melbourne, and even if you could find it, it's very pricey (seeing the fact that it's an one-off product which can't be reused, I can't help being stingy!)

One day, I heard Ryan Higa (yes, you read it right, THE RYAN HIGA on Youtube) said that in one of his behind of the scenes videos that his makeup artist used raw sugar and honey to scrub his dry lips. ANDDDDD, Michelle Phan also did mention this trick in her book too!!!!

I was a bit skeptical at first but it's a very low cost and natural remedy to cure dry lips. I had nothing to lose afterall I have all the ingredients in my kitchen anyway :p 

Can't stand the annoying lines on my lips...Especially when I have to put on lipstick or lip tints on my lips...It gets really hideous! 

Instead of following Ryan Higa's method, I only used Raw Sugar. ONLY RAW SUGAR~

I suppose the effect would have been much better if combined with honey, but I didn't have any bit of confidence that I wouldn't make a big mess in the washroom (especially when I had to hold a camera in my other hand). 

Take a small amount of raw sugar and add a few drops of water to it!

Then just massage the wet raw sugar onto your lips for a short while. 30 seconds - 1 minute should be enough. 

Remember to not do it vigorously to avoid hurting your lips~

This is how you will look in the process :p 

No harm eating the raw sugar if you are a sweet tooth :3

After that just wash it off your lips with water. 

It's THIS simple ^^

The result is instant. Your lips are now much smoother and the lines are less visible. Applying lipsticks are much easier too. 

Photos as evidence!!! In just 1 minute!!

I personally love topping it off with a thin layer of Papaw Ointment.

I highly recommend this product because it has proven effective, the only downside of it is that you need to apply with your hand or a brush. 

Not sure whether you can get this everywhere but any lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly will do the trick too! 

All done! Smooth lips in just a 1 minute! 

Since I haven't gotten to try out the lip masks I can't justify how effective they are, but this method works well enough for me. Afterall it's a natural remedy that comes with a super low cost :D

Now just go around with a wide smile! 

Remember, a smile is always the best makeup a girl can put on! 


Monday, August 3, 2015

My Little Pony Pop! Vinyl Figures

Growing up I have always liked collecting cute things typically for the cartoons that I liked. I have quite a number of collectible items for Doraemon, Pikachu, Molang and Hamtaro! 

I have very low resistance to the things that I really like and I am very guilty for that but what can I do?! 

PS: Also, I am a huge sucker for unicorns! 

I fell in love at first sight when I saw these Pop figurines at Minotaur on Elizabeth Street the other day when I was having a post-exam shopping with my housemate. 

Aren't they cute? ♥♥♥

Vinyls are always cute!!!! How I wish I can have a huge shelf that I can display all my collectible items on! 

Note to self: Work hard to own my very own home soon then I will have a home for my little cuties too :p 

I bought the white Princess Celestia myself and my housemate gave me the blue Trixie Lunamoon as a gift because she couldn't stand me being reluctant to leave the place with only Princess Celestia. I kept on repeating "I feel that Princess Celestia must be with Trixie Lunamoon as a pair, they looked so cute together" and so she said "It sounded like a wrongdoing for separating the 2 of them, so I might as well get it for you"! ♥ Thank you darling!!!!!!!!

I swear if my housemate were a guy, I would've fallen all over for her! HAHAHAH Bitch now you can be ultimately flattered! I don't go around saying this to anybody kay~

My elegant Princess Celestia

♥ Cutiepie Trixie Lunamoon 

Blue little baby with really cute eyes!

AWWWWW my heart is melting seeing them together like this!!!

I put them on my study table so that they can accompany me all the time :3

If you are in Melbourne, Minotaur on Elizabeth Street carries a lot of Pop! vinyl figures, such as Disney characters, Game of Thrones and more. (Check out their website here!). Minotaur is located underground near to Officeworks. I got these babies for $16.99 each. Pricey but they are totally worth it because I can't help smiling when I see them every time!

For Melbourne University students, if you guys didn't know, Co-op bookshops at Bailieu and Alan Gilbert do carry a small range of Pop! vinyl figures too but not much choices available.

Anyway, happy shopping!!!! Also, please feel free to share with me what do YOU like to collect in your lives! Am really interested in knowing ^^

Rushing off to school now! Till next time~

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