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♥♥ Happy 25th Birthday Jang Keun Suk oppa ♥♥

4th of August is here already. I feel that I have to write this post no matter what happens in conjunction with an important person’s birthday. Hereby, I humbly dedicate this post to my beloved Asia Prince JANG KEUN SUK 장근석♥

왕자생일 축하합니다!!!!!!!


Instead of just a simple blog post wishing Keun Suk oppa happy birthday, I also want to share a little story with everyone~ For those who know me might already be well informed about my obsession with KeunSuk oppa. However, there’s a shocking thing about my pre-craziness period. I decided to spill out everything in one shot because I don’t want to bring this ‘history’ up ever again. Let it go free here and I am going to erase it from my memory because it’s something which makes me feel extreme embarrassment and guilt whenever I think about it.


Before I like Keun Suk oppa, believe it or not, I actually hated him. Although judging from my current obsession this statement may seem pretty unbelievable, it is completely true. Every time when I think about this, I will be so pissed off by my own irrational action and prejudice. I hated him for no concrete reason. WTF! I know I know…That’s why this is where my guilt comes pouring in, every time, no exception.

I judged him based on what the press said. I remember there was one time when I opened up the entertainment session,there were big bold words saying that JKS got drunk and therefore missed anevent which he was supposed to attend. Upon seeing that, I was thinking: How come there’s such person? Being a celebrity, shouldn’t you know what your responsibilities are? 

That was what I thought about him AT FIRST - irresponsible and play boy kind of guy, despite his fame and fortune, his actions had justified that he’s a type of guy who I don’t like. In fact, worse than dislike, unconsciously, hatred towards him began to grow inside me. On top of that, I couldn’t stand him acting like some kind of world’s super star by calling himself Asia Prince, couldn’t stand his long hair, couldn’t stand his eyeliner (because I thought Michael Jackson's the only man who could pull off the lookof long hair+eyeliner, so for someone else to do that as well, I felt that his imitation was a kind of insult towards the world’s greatest King Of Pop).

That time, Bi Ling’s was a big fan of him. She was the only one in our clique who liked him. (Please note that all these are HISTORY already. Don’t start judging BEFORE YOU FINISH READING THIS POST) The rest of our clique members hated him just like I did. Jumping to conclusions based on what we saw on the newspapers. So shallow minded!!! >< Never did I imagine falling for a guy who I once hated so much as if he’s my nature-born enemy. WTH!

Sidetrack a little, perhaps, The Secret’s law ofattraction is right about this. It says that the more you think of something, you will eventually attract it into your life. Be it good or bad, as long as you think about it, you speak about it, you complain about it, it will manifest for you. I guess it’s right because I hated him so badly, my mind was thinkingabout him and thus, he got attracted into my life. Which at THIS moment, is one of the greatest things that had happened to me :3 THANK GOD!

The turning point was because of the Korean dramaYou’re Beautiful 原来是美男. As you all know, my another K Pop bias is Jung YongHwa from CN Blue. I was so desperate to watch this drama because it’s Yong Hwa oppa’s very first drama. Initially, I thought if it wasn’t for the sake of Yong Hwa oppa I wouldn’t wanna spend my time on watching some drama about flower boys, cause I took the Chinese name of the drama literally. It’s direct translation and I assumed that the story would be dull and it’s just hot selling because of some guys with JUST pretty face and no acting skills or whatsoever. (OMG! Can’t believe how ignorant and idiotic I was last time).

I wasn’t as passionate about this drama as I was about Heartstrings because I wasn’t happy that Yong Hwa oppa’s playing second fiddle to Keun Suk oppa. At first when I started to watch it, I was absolutely furious about Hwang Tae Kyung (Keun Suk oppa) always snatching Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) from Kang Shin Woo (Yong Hwa oppa) especially at the times when Shin Woo wanted to confess to Mi Nam his feelings about her, always Tae Kyung would ruin it >< Again, it’s the unreasonable hatred again. BUT…….never did I expect, l started to fall for Hwang Tae Kyung.

My interest in him started from liking the character called Hwang Tae Kyung, not the real him. However, one thing that attracted me, both in real life and in drama, it’s his eyes and his eyeliner. His eyes can speak.

It started off with plain interest, then by the time I watched until the last episode of the drama, the very last part when he sang ‘O To Ka Jo’ (What Should I Do) for Go Mi Nam, I realized I HAD FALLEN IN LOVE WITH KEUN SUK OPPA. Not Hwang Tae Kyung, but Jang Keun Suk himself. Mad love his voice and acting!

After finishing this drama, I went on to Youtube and watched a lot of his interviews and downloaded lots of his songs. My addiction started like this. I watched Mary Stayed Out All Night 玛丽外宿中. Falling in love with him even more madly. Typically love his style in Mary Stayed Out All Night :*

I also watched You Are My Pet and he's sooooo incredibly CUTE in there! Even got my mom to watch it with me the night before I flew to Melbourne ;)

This year's hit drama Love Rain was also by him and SNSD's Yoona! Watched and cried lots :') Oppa's acting skills had improved LOADS!

The more I got to know about him, the more I realized he’s NOT how the media portrayed him as. Instead of being arrogant, snobbish, play boy, party boy, irresponsible, not punctual….he’s the exact opposite. How dumb I was to believe those things that I read last time T___T

On the other hand, I AM thankful that eventually I discovered the true him and I am proud to be his fan. Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk’s EEL! (ßThat’s how he calledhis fans).

Although undeniably Keun Suk oppa is a flower boy, he is notmerely about a pretty face. Of course speaking of superficial, earlier, I liked him for being handsome and sometimes even “pretty” (despite people saying thathe looks incredibly feminine, I don’t care, I LOVE HIM THAT WAY, can be handsome and hot, yet can be beautiful and sweet.

Right now I have been his fan for 9 months already, 3 more months to a year. I evolved to not only liking him for his appearance, but also his personality and talents as well. I learnt a lot of things from Keun Suk oppa which many people can’t see.


I suppose a lot of people are still as shallow as I WAS. Keun Suk oppa did not skyrocket to fame overnight merely because of the ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama. How many people know that he debuted since 5 years old? Except for true fans and forthose who did research. Up till this year, it’s already 20 years anniversary. He started off in entertainment business to help his family’s financial problem. At a tender age of 5, he was bearing such heavy burden. Yet, he did not give up. Throughout the years, he went through the ups and downs, going through the period of playing second (or third, fourth….) fiddle to other people and slowly, slowly, he climbed up the peak of his career.

One Missed Call
Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do

Crazy For Waiting
Case of Itaewon Homicide
Beethoven Virus
Hong Gil Dong (His character Lee Changwi in this drama totally melts me! He's soooooo HOT in traditional clothing!)
Trying out different characters and acting in different dramas and movies which are not that famous. Until 2009, he finally got the role as Hwang Tae Kyung ‘You're Beautiful’ and there’s where his career started to take off. The point that I want to make here is that you NEED A LOT OF DETERMINATION to go through everything in 17 or 18 years to rise to the peak. How many have that kind determination? He waited for the right timing to come, believing that his dreams are achievable. His hard work, his sleepless nights because of work, his missing schooling memories due to his career, his sweat, his tears that we do not get to see were the exchange for his current success. From a child model, to an actor, then now even a singer, he has risen as an Asia Prince, the King of Hallyu.  


Keun Suk oppa has the most confidence than anyone else I have ever seen. He dares to be himself. Being so original in whatever he does. I guess that’s why he has the ability to rise to success at such young age. He believes in himself. I don’t know how to put into words regarding his undividable confidence. It’s something that you can see in him once you get to more about him J One of the best example was the nickname that he called himself – Asia Prince. To people (just like the OLD me), they may think this is soooooo arrogant, to crown ownself like that >< But couldn’t you see, IF he didn’t have THAT kind of confidence and guts, he wouldn’t dare to do that. Instead of bad mouthing him, shouldn’t we all learn to have more confidence in ourselves? And since he had already crowned himself as Asia Prince, he is now determined to do his best to fit this nickname and also to evolve into World Prince. Having confidence, be daring to dream and be daring to do whatever you want, that will lead you to achieve the things that you want in your life.

Despite his incomparable fame and fortune, Keun Suk oppa is not at all near toarrogant. The press wrongly portrayed him as such person, but he’s NOT.  He is definitely not that kind of celebritywho thinks he’s the best in the entire universe and wants people to obey him in every way. He cares for the people around him. Be it his manager or just ordinary staff in his crew or whoever. He cares for everyone.

There was once when his staff called up to him and informed him that shecouldn’t make it for an event because she was sick. [Ordinary superiors’reactions would be just approving her medical leave or whatever right? O.O] However, you know what Keun Suk oppa did? He called up a doctor for her! How lucky is that staff to have such understanding superior.


Even though Keun Suk oppa has lots of experience in acting and show business, he still takes advice from other people. Look at the behind the scenes clips from his dramas, you can see he was towards everyone in the shooting crew: taking in advice from the director like an obedient 5 year old kid ^^ Although he’s super duper famous in Japan currently, in one of his interviews in Korea, he still referred himself as an amateur. His fame in Japan is definitely not a joke. Look at the documentaries, 500 fans went to the Japan airport to wait for his arrival. He’s posters and photos can be easily seen in Japan and etc. In this case, do you think he’s still an amateur?


Oppa has the official eel on his phone. Thanks for loving us as much as we love you <3
Selca with fans <3
ps: This is what happened in FRANCE! The King of Hallyu is going global!
All fans love their idols, but it’s rather rare to find an idol to love his fans back just as much. Keun Suk oppa is one exception. As shown from the documentary, despite returning to the hotel in midnight, having seen the fans waiting at the lobby, he still gave all of them bear hugs. Recently during his concert in Japan, a fan gave him a guitar as a present. Although the staffs asked him not to use it for performance, he insisted no matter what because it’s a present from a fan, he appreciates it, sincerely. He does not take his fans for granted by any means. It’s easy to find pictures of him posing with fans online. And he even uploaded selcas of him and fans to the net.


Many people like to judge Keun Suk oppa for his behaviors. Why should people always look at the bad side of things? The world needs less judgemental people like the old me. Doing crazy, funny and random things on the street does not mean that he’s a weirdo. Put away his identity as a superstar, he’s just like any kid who wants to have fun. Dancing on the streets or fooling around. If an ordinary youngster were to do that, most likely people won’t go around calling him weirdo. Because he is Asia Prince, because he is Jang Keun Suk, is that why people should “rightfully” prohibit him for being random and crazy? Replying tweets in a sarcastic way doesn’t mean he is self-centered and arrogant. Forgoodness sake, he cares to reply, that’s already a one good thing. How many celebrities really care to reply to their fans? His sarcastic and sometimes nonsensical tweets and replies is just him playing around with fans. For those who are non-fans, PLEASE do not judge his character so shallowly. You cannot imagine how elated we eels will be upon receiving his reply. IF you are not a true eel, back off and stop dropping comments around. 


Needless to say much, judging from the pictures, you can see how fashionable this man is. Love his style <3 My typical personal favorite styles of his are his eyeliner and his long hair :*


Acting, singing, dancing. He is able to deal with all of that. Watch his dramaand I’m sure you will not deny his acting skills at all. His first debut album Let Me Cry rocketed to number 1 on the Oricon Japan once it was released. Concert tickets were sold out in just a blink of eye. Dancing is one of his favourites, SHUFFLE KING is what he calls himself. Watch his concert clips and you will know what I am talking about.


He knows the meaning of ‘repaying’. Last year, he repaid Hanyang University by contributing a massive amount of money to their scholarship.


The "shamelessly frank" personality of Keun Suk oppa actually adds more charm to his character. He's never shame to admit the things that he did and therefore not like some celebrities making up lies to deceive the public. He once said in a China TV programmed called Happy Camp, "I don't feel I have anything to be shameful about because I work hard and I also play hard." How can you get mad at him once you have seen how HARD he's been working his ass off </3 He surely deserves some fun. Afterall he's just going out to have fun with friends and staffs.
OMG…up till now I have already written over 2000words. So I think I better come to an end (hopefully). Got blown away so easily xD

So back to the topic of wishing Keun Suk oppa Happy Birthday. This is the first year for me to celebrate his birthday, as a true EEL. Many thanks to Janus unnie who invited me to join the Eels Family and that day there was a tiny competition going on in the group which was designing presents for Keun Suk oppa. I decided to give it a try because I felt that I MUST do something tomake up for my prejudice from last time. Designing a ring and a pendant was a difficult task for me because I didn’t have any inspirations at all and I suck at drawing >< However, I was so determined to do it. So, in the end I spent some time TRYing to draw something. In the end I drew until 1.30am WTH!

Quite surprised with my own drawings. Not as bad as I thought they would be cause I thought even though I managed to draw something,it would be one that belongs to the rubbish bin xP

I created the necklace first. A metal tag pendant necklace. For some reasons, I like to see guys wearing this one. The front part has a J logo which is the official Jang Keun Suk logo with a crown on it –symbolizing Keun Suk oppa’s status as the Asia Prince and up-coming World Prince. Crown’s made up of sparkling white diamantes - symbolizing Keun Suk oppa is our brightest star, as shining as the diamantes.

The back part has an eel (I copied this from the official Eel logo but modified it) holding a supporting plate with “근짱♥” – symbolizing eels will follow our one and onlyprince no matter where he goes, forever and ever, giving him unconditional love and support.

I didn’t have any intention to design the ring because I didn’t know what design I should put on it. Upon shutting down my laptop at 12.15am, I suddenly thought of it and immediately drew it!

Inspired by my Jang-Keun-Suk-look-alike ring which he wore in his Magic Drag MVand a press conference (just different colour). 

ps: This Magic Drag is part of my blog's name, noticed? :)

This is my design for the ring. Using the deisgn for the angel wing, I put a J logo in front of it. Because I felt that since Keun Suk oppa had worn this for a couple of times, most likely he likes this kind of design as well (I personally like wing designs too :p) J logo with the wing represents Keun Suk oppa canlive his dream and achieve whatever he wants freely, without boundaries because he is JANG KEUN SUK.

However, in the end, I didn’t win the competition.There’s one super talented Eel who designed an exquisite eel ring and necklace for Keun Suk oppa. The real ring and necklace came out a couple of days ago and they were awesome. Feel so happy for her, hope Keun Suk oppa wear it someday!Although I didn’t win, Janus unnie used my design for the ring and necklace’s packaging. Glad that I still manage to contribute A TINY BIT ;) What a wonderful experience!

 Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again Keun Suk oppa♥♥♥

Although we international eels are not anywhere near you to celebrate your birthday with you, our hearts and wishes and blessing will always be with you, at all times. May god bless you forever and we love you!! 정말 사랑하니다 ♥♥♥


In conjunction with Keun Suk oppa's birthday, I wore my Jang Keun Suk look alike earrings and ring plus the star necklace from You're Beautiful PLUS eyeliner! >< *typical fan girl symptom which is unexplainable* 

I'm awfully sorry for the earlier judgement that I put on you oppa. From now onwards, I am your loyal eel. Don't turn me into a kabayaki. I promise to love you forever and ever ♥

I'm YOUR eel ♥

International eels, please be noted that there will be a trending event on Twitter for Keun Suk oppa's birthday! Apart from this, what plans to do guys have? Mind to share? Or share your feelings towards Keun Suk oppa :3 


Peace and love, xo

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  1. Wow,u r crazy fan to he...haha

    1. i'm not the only one on this planet hehehe!! he's worth it :3

  2. Buya! I was touched reaing ur blog. *teary eyed* i saw myself in u. I once hated him in YAB and jumped to a conclusion that he's an arrogant type of. But when i saw Love Rain, i started to search more about him. The heck i realized how shallow i was before. He's not arrogant. He's just a carefree guy who is not afraid to show and say everything he wants and doesn't mind what other people will say. No words can express how much I love him!! Hope there'd be a lot of haters out there who wud realize hus worth. The only Asia Prince JKS!!!

  3. great for you...a transformation from hater to lover and being loyal to the prince...go and tell the world what is the real jks, an opposite of what the media describe is really a false statement...happy for you at least you known him better and love him that much.zikzin!!!

  4. great for you...a transformation from hater to lover and being loyal to the prince...go and tell the world what is the real jks, an opposite of what the media describe is really a false statement...happy for you at least you known him better and love him that much.zikzin!!!